Awakening Abduction by Becca Jameson


Awakening Abduction by Becca Jameson
Publisher: Elloras Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (93 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed By Tulip

Hannah is living a normal human life in Boston, until she is kidnapped from her bed by a man she finds herself undeniably attracted to. James is living a normal lupine life in Seattle, until he is sent to abduct a woman who disappeared from his pack years ago.

As Hannah and James hurry across the country to reunite her with her family, she and James must battle his need to claim her. But their lust is overpowering, threatening to consume them both. The mating between the two wolves is unavoidable.

Will their union alone be enough to stop a crazy man from attempting to steal Hannah from James? And will her father forgive Hannah and James’ mating and accept their union with open arms?

What would you do if a strange man pounced on you while you were sleeping in bed and whispered, “You need to come with me.”? Would you scream ? Or maybe you’d do the same thing Hannah did and “come” with him.

Hannah is awakened in the middle of the night by a strange man who gives her a song and dance about being sent by her father to take her home. Since her mother told her that dear old dad had died years ago Hannah doesn’t know what to believe. The guy seems so sincere but if what he says is true then her whole life has been based on a lie. Adding to her confusion is the irresistible attraction she feels for the guy who just kidnapped her.

James figured it would be hard to convince Hannah to trust him. He just hadn’t counted on the complicating discovery that she is his mate. When he realizes that she has no idea what she is James has some hard truths to explain to his oblivious little mate. Now if he can only keep his hands off her during their cross country race to safety.

I enjoyed Becca Jameson’s writing style. She kept the story simple and easy to follow. My favorite part of this novella were the strong characters. Hannah and James were both very believable and easy to love. Their love scenes were extremely intense and they practically burned up the pages. I do wish that the writer would have given the story just a little more conflict. Yes, there was a villain but he never even got any face time. Even though some kind of confrontation would have made it more interesting , I still found it hard to put the book down until the end. I’d recommend this book to all paranormal fans, especially my fellow shifter groupies.

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