Awakened from Ice by Marisa Chenery

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Awakened from Ice by Marisa Chenery
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length Short Story (81 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Dogwood

Exploring an ice cave on the Mantanuska Glacier in Alaska, Cassidy finds something out of the ordinary—six men dressed in fur and leather, motionless and seemingly dead. But she soon discovers they’re very much alive when her touch awakens one—and she finds herself pinned beneath his muscular heat in the blink of an eye.

Edensaw and his wolf brothers have slept for ten thousand years. As ice age Tlingit Indian hunters, they were chosen to be a new race of man, the first werewolves. They are the sentinels, created to protect against evil that is to come. But the touch of one woman ignites his mating urge and Edensaw awakens before he’s needed, into a world he no longer knows and a passion he cannot deny.

As the couple moves from lust to love, the dark evil brews, threatening not only to destroy the mating bond, but the sentinels themselves.

Marisa Chenery has proven herself yet again to be one of the reigning members of the “Werewolf Romance Writer Scribe” with her passionate novellas of werewolf matings. Ms. Chenery continues to impress with her engaging writing of wolf-shifter adventures as she spins a succulent tale that will make the coldest heart howl at the moon.

While hiking near an ice cave on the Alaskan Mantanuska Glacier, Cassidy makes a remarkable discovery; six prehistoric looking warriors who appear to be dead. She notices that they are all extremely handsome but one in particular calls to her heart. When she touches him, Cassidy is shocked to discover that they are very much alive. Soon she finds that her life has changed forever.

Edensaw and his wolf brothers are the “sentinels”; Tlingit Indian hunters who were chosen to be the very first werewolves in existence. They have been asleep for over ten thousand years until Edensaw, the alpha leader is touched by his mate Cassidy which triggers the wolves’ premature awakening.

The wolf brothers are now in a modern world that they are not familiar with and now have to learn to adapt in order to prepare for the battle of evil that is to come.

This story is about a predestined prehistoric werewolf mating centered in the lovely ice glaciers of Alaska. I thought this was a good story with just enough “Hot” to keep me smiling through the cold icy nights. I was intrigued enough that I could not put this book down once I started reading it, however I did feel that the story needed a bit more character development to turn it into the wonderful series that I predict this can become.

I always find myself happily ensconced into the fictional world Ms. Chenery creates with her paranormal/romance writings, and this tale’s eroticism was heated and the storyline was intriguing. I enjoyed her main characters, as well as the secondary characters and I found myself looking forward to her next book in this saga. Though some of this story did not flow as smoothly as some of Ms. Chenery’s other writings, I did find that I was captivated by her imagination and enchanted by her creativity. Ms. Chenery’s romantic concepts are always original and witty making her tales so very enjoyable.

This fascinating paranormal/romance just may be the story to break the ice around your chilled libido.

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