Avalon’s Last Knight by Jackson C. Garton

Avalon’s Last Knight by Jackson C. Garton
Publisher: Totally Entwined
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full length (179 pages)
Other: M/M, Transgender
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Lance has loved Arthur for nearly a thousand years but has never had the courage to act on it—‘til now.

After being away at college for a year, Lance Lotte returns to Avalon, Kentucky for the summer. Due to self-imposed isolation, he hasn’t seen anyone in months, but all that changes when Arthur – his closest friend, and the love of his life – shows up to his new job with a big toothy grin. The last time Lance saw Arthur, the two had not parted on the best of terms – with Arthur’s father finding them asleep on his bed, and physically wrenching Lance away from Arthur. The incident put a strain on their relationship, and convinced Lance that they will never be allowed to be together.

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With the help of his sister, Gwen Lotte, Arthur, and two twins visiting their uncle for the summer, Mordy and Morgan Lafayette, Lance learns the true meaning of friendship, and just how far he will go to save the people he loves.

Life can throw many things at you, especially when you are young. For Lance, one of those things was something some of us never even have to consider. For Lance, it was his whole identity.

The writing in this story gives an eloquent picture of the struggle Lance had, not only to become the person he knew he was inside but to also fight the uphill, never-ending battle with people who knew him ‘before.’

Add into that someone who loves him as he is plus someone who wants to love him and you get a very confused Lance. And then there is the other side of this story. The story involving Arthur, Mordred, Morgana, Viviene, and Emrys. Some can do magic, some can’t. Some believe in their past lives, some don’t. There is a mixture of magic in this book, from Celtic Wicca (Gwen) to Santeria (Mordy and Morgan) to Bruja (Lance).

This was an interesting read with plenty of action to keep the reader turning the pages. Not only do they have the big bad to figure out but also Lance and Arthur have to figure out themselves too. The character relationships were brilliantly written as they interacted with each other.

A different book in the mix of King Arthur books out there but one I thoroughly enjoyed. Definitely recommended by me.

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