Autumn Glory and Other Stories by Barbara Metzger

Autumn Glory and Other Stories by Barbara Metzger
Publisher: Untreed Reads
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (123 pages)
Heat Level: sweet
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

Originally published in separate anthologies, and out-of-print for many years, these three novellas by legendary Regency romance author Barbara Metzger are in one volume for the first time ever!

This collection includes the following stories:

“Autumn Glory”
“The Management Requests”
“A Match Made in Heaven – Or Hell”

The first story has a conniving little sister, the second has a misunderstanding about who the hotel manager is, and the third has God and the Devil trying to influence a man’s actions. How could you not like reading this collection? It has something for everyone!

Ms. Metzger writes light, humorous stories about love. She draws you in, entices you with details and makes you love her characters. These three novellas will demonstrate her skill to you and make you smile as you read them.

The first story, Autumn Glory, is about a mother who is going to marry her daughter’s off so she can have some freedom. She loves them, but the oldest is almost a spinster and she won’t stand for that. As long as she’s playing match mate, she might as well get them all lined up. The most amusing part of this story is the fact that the man she is working with in her planning is the unseen male that her mother has chosen for her older sister. She tells him how awful that person is while not realizing who he is. That really tickled me!

The Management Requests has a wounded soldier who is staying at the hotel to get away from his sister-in-law and her demands. He has to stay downstairs because of his leg, there are no rooms left there, and he pays a premium to take over the office. Just how that complicates his life is unexpected and takes the form of a young woman looking for a beau who only wanted her money. The dance between those two and the chapters being titled with management requests is great.

My personal favorite though was A Match Made in Heaven or Hell. A soldier is close to death on the field and God and the Devil are fighting over who gets him. How much more fantastic a plot can you imagine? Hugh will never be the same again and that’s a good thing!

Are you looking for a fun easy read that you fit in between present wrapping and cooking? Look no further. These stories have been gathered from out of print anthologies and presented in a new edition for you. I really enjoyed this collection and it was a fast read. You need to give it a try.

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