August Unknown by Pamela Fryer


August Unknown by Pamela Fryer
Publisher: Rusty Spur Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery
Length: Full (320 pgs)
Heat: Spicy
Rated: 4 Stars
Review by Poppy

Danger lurks in a past she can’t remember…

She doesn’t know what happened the night of the storm, why she was walking along the highway without ID, or why she has a fading tan line on her wedding ring finger, but a dark and terrifying presence haunts the edge of her memory. Before she can start a new life with the wonderful man who came to her rescue, she must remember what in her past might take her away from him.

Heartache lies in a past he can’t forget…

Blaming himself for his late wife’s death, Geoffrey Barthlow has only begun to scrape together the pieces of his shattered life. When Jane Doe “August” falls into his world, he sees the opportunity to help her as a chance to heal his own soul. But as he finds himself falling for the beautiful mystery woman, he knows his heart is once again at risk; she has another life somewhere that she will eventually remember.

I became a fan of this author when I read Last Rights, so when this book was available, I snapped it right up.

It starts out full speed ahead with a mysterious, nearly dead woman who stumbles into the road and is hit by a car. Lucky for her the driver ends up being one heck of a good Samaritan. He brings her to the hospital, offers to pay the bills and then welcomes her into his home when it becomes clear she doesn’t know who she is, and that she has nowhere to go.

I enjoyed the characters in this story, from the nearly perfect Geoffrey, to his less than perfect brother, from our heroine, “August” to Geoffrey’s niece and grandmother. The town is equally well drawn, quaint and picturesque. It’s an interesting mix with the quiet, small town of close knit folks mixed with the mystery of August, who is certain someone tried to kill her.

I wish we hadn’t been allowed to see inside the heads of those folks from her past, at least not as much as we did. I understand that without it, it would have been much more difficult for us to understand why what happened to August, happened. But it was during those bits that my attention wandered, and I was able to put the book down. There was also one thing that happened to direct someone in her direction that was an incredibly difficult to believe coincidence that, had I not been reading this for review, may have caused me to stop reading altogether, it annoyed me that much. I’m glad I didn’t stop, though, as the ending was completely satisfying.

Additionally, the suspense is well written and the romance is sweet, touching and utterly believable. My heart broke for Geoffrey more than once and I think he was my favorite character in the book. August’s amnesia was also well written and I never had a problem believing it was authentic. The author cleverly weaves in more than one red herring, and keeps us wondering just who is the person who’s after August.

So, while this may not have been my favorite of the author’s books, it’s still very well done. I’m still so awed by her writing abilities, and I can’t wait for the next book. I’ll be first in line to pick it up.

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