Assimilation, Love, and Other Human Oddities by Lyn Gala

Assimilation, Love, and Other Human Oddities by Lyn Gala
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (230 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Sex, Fetish
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Cactus

Ondry and Liam have settled into a good life, but their trading is still tied up with humans, and humans are always messy. When political changes at the human base lead Ondry to attempt a difficult trade, the pair find themselves entangled in human affairs. Liam wants to help the people he left and the worlds being torn apart. He also wants to serve Ondry with not only the pleasures of the nest but also by bringing human profits.

Ondry has no hope of understanding human psychology in general, he only knows that he will hold onto his palteia with the last breath in his body, and he’d like to keep his status and his wealth too. Unfortunately, new humans bring new conflicts and he is not sure how to protect Liam. He does know one thing that humans seem to constantly forget—that the peaceful Rownt are predators and when their families are threatened, Rownt become deadly killers. Liam is his family, and Ondry will protect him with his last breath… assuming that he can recognize the dangers in time to do so.

Happily ever after is not so easy when humans are involved. Liam has settled into life with Ondry and the Rownt so well he hardly considers himself human anymore. However his loyalties are tested when a human officer comes looking for information only Liam can provide. Although Liam is firmly on the Rownt side of tradings, he worries that messy human politics can and will affect his happy life with Ondry. Betrayals, miscommunication, and offense are just a few of the frustrating results that Liam must deal with as a direct result of trying to trade with humans. But ignoring them may lead to potentially catastrophic results.

In book two of the Claimings series, the story picks up where it left off with Liam and Ondry living happily in a D/s type relationship. There’s no sex as we know it but both are very happy and in love. However, being different species there are always adjustments and the inclusion of another human trade creates problems for the couple both personally and politically. I found the plot interesting and engaging but not my favorite. Liam handles the other human well but sometimes he comes across a bit slow to understand and recognize the real threat she presents. I have to give the story credit for making every character nuanced and well rounded but I definitely got frustrated with Liam. He would seemingly forget common sense or ignore his own instincts in a weird attempt to bond with another human, but I never understood why.

What shines once again, as it did in the first book, is the wonderful and utterly creative world building. I adore the author’s writing and love to dive into any world she creates. The science-fiction setting is so intricate and multi-faceted that it’s always engrossing no matter what other plot the book is pursuing. I honestly could read anything Gala writes in this world as the details that create this alternate world are so interesting. I have some trepidation that the next book will take place more in the human world, due to the plot turns, but I’m hopeful the Rownt culture and people will still be prominent.

As with the first book this is not a typical BDSM story. It has elements of D/s in that Liam is submissive to Ondry’s domination but there is no sex in the way humans see it and while there is a power exchange between the two men, Liam is a strong and essential member of the twosome. He’s not autonomous but he’s valued and treated in many ways as an equal. I think this series will continue to easily appeal to science fiction fans and maybe even those readers that like D/s without heavy sex play. The author is a great writer and the clean, descriptive prose that makes up the story is a joy to read. I easily recommend this one but would suggest starting with the first book in the series.

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