Ask Me by Laura Strickland

Ask Me by Laura Strickland
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (59 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

Alone on Valentine’s Day, Leo Rankin attends the library’s Blind Date With a Book event hoping for something he can take to bed with him that night, and finds himself competing against Gerri Webb for the last remaining book. Wild child Gerri is not his usual type. Yet he feels an immediate, sizzling attraction and agrees to share the book and its accompanying bag of candy hearts.

The whole idea of a Blind Date With a Book is to go off genre, so Gerri doesn’t mind when their flirty conversation suggests they unwrap each other rather than the mystery book. When a candy heart advises, “Ask Me,” she asks Leo back to her apartment. She never expects button-down Leo to hit all her buttons, but by the next morning she fears her heart’s in danger. Can one night spent off genre translate to real life?

Such a simple command, “Ask Me” and yet, so many possibilities.

This little novella is all about the possibilities, taking a chance, stepping outside of your comfort zone and the author created a charming tale to explore what happens when straight laced meets steampunk goddess. Such a fun read!

This one hit all the right buttons. Leo and Gerri are so opposite it’s almost unrealistic to imagine them together but that’s what made this story so sexy. They’re both stepping out of their comfort zones and are so, I don’t want to say shocked but, definitely pleasantly (really pleasantly) surprised.

Leo and Gerri have fantastic chemistry and in part it’s due to the fact that they choose to be completely honest with each other. Open to suggestion and open in their discussions. I didn’t know if Ms. Strickland would give them a HEA or an HFN with this being a short story but I didn’t want to stop reading, and could happily have read this as a longer story if she ever chose to rewrite and expand it.

Gerri seems to have more trouble wrapping her mind around the idea of them being together but I could understand her hesitation. It wasn’t unfounded but I was glad to see that she had friends in her inner circle who were smart enough to give her sound advice. One of my favorite lines comes from her friend Max when he says “if you’re from two different worlds, then build a bridge”.

I read in the author’s bio that this was her first contemporary romance. If Ask Me is a sample of her writing voice, she’s someone I’d like to continue reading.

Readers looking for a quickie with all kinds of heart and just enough spice but, not too explicit, should give this one a try.

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