An Inheritance of Shame by Kate Hewitt

An Inheritance of Shame by Kate Hewitt
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (249 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

One-Night with a Corretti… Angelo Corretti has one mistress – revenge. Heartless and darkly sexy he has one objective…destroy the Corretti dynasty: the family who cruelly rejected him for his illegitimacy. But once, long ago, there was a wide-eyed innocent girl. For one night she gave him everything when he needed it most, and then he walked away at dawn. Now, on the cusp of absolute power, Angelo looks into those eyes again and learns of the consequences he left behind…

To Lucia Anturri, trusting someone is a choice, but loving someone is not. She wishes she didn’t love Angelo Corretti, the bastard son of Carlo Corretti; but she has for as long as she can remember.

As children, she was always there to tend his wounds, console, and try to make him laugh–when he would allow it. He called her “my puppy”. Figuratively, sometimes he patted her on the head, at other times he kicked her away. But she always returned. One night he came to her in his greatest pain and need. She pulled him into her home, comforted him, and gave him all the love she could. This time when he ‘kicked her aside’; he inflicted emotional wounds that never healed. They scabbed over but still hurt and bled easily.

That was seven years ago. He has returned to Sicily a billionaire and owner of the flagship hotel of the powerful, scandalous Corretti family—the family that refused to acknowledge him. His mission of revenge is bearing fruit. Lucia is a maid in the hotel. He is angry at her for breaking a promise she made long ago.

Lucia is a strong, determined woman who has endured trials and tribulations. She intends to stand firm against his advances. There is just one flaw in her plan. She still loves Angelo Corretti even though she doesn’t want to love him. He has caused her enough grief to last a life time.

Angelo had never known love and did not know how to love. He was raised by grandparents that said he should never have been born; been abandoned by his mother who said she was sorry she gave birth to him; and been rejected by a father that refused to acknowledge him and said he’d never intended for Angelo to be more than a stain on a sheet.  Angelo fought for acceptance but it never came; so revenge and angry motivated his every action.

Lucia who loves so much it hurts and Angelo who doesn’t know what love is suffer emotional growing pains that rock both their worlds.

Kate Hewitt entices the reader into Lucia and Angelo’s world to vicariously experience the hurt, the hate, the need, battered self-esteem, and feelings of abandonment, while giving peeks at a love so strong it will not be denied—just waits and works its magic that satisfies the heart.

An Inheritance of Shame is a story of redemption and an encompassing love. The story glides along on the smooth writing style of Kate Hewitt. Good entertainment.

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