An Enchanting Liftoff by A.J. Marcus

An Enchanting Liftoff by A.J. Marcus
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (56 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

The sky’s the limit….

It’s wealthy advertising executive Rusty Donovan’s first time at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. When he scores a ride on a hot-air balloon in rainbow colors, he’s as captivated with the balloon’s pilot, Chad Holmes, as he is with the breathtaking experience. Rusty learns Chad’s business is struggling to the point where he might have to close it down.

Fortunately, Rusty has some ideas about promoting Chad’s Santa Fe based tour company, and he also has some ideas about what he’d like to do with Chad. As they work together and get to know one another, the future—both for the business and for them as a couple—looks as bright as the brilliant New Mexico sky.

Rusty is a big-wig advertising executive. He and his best friend and photographer, Tyler are heading to the Balloon festival to get some amazing promotional pictures. While there, Rusty meets Chad – a seriously hunky Balloon owner. Can these two men find the perfect lift off together?

This is a fun and short story that I found wonderful, lighthearted and deliciously romantic. I loved watching Rusty and Chad get to know each other and start their lovely relationship. Even though the two men come from pretty different worlds, they clicked together immediately and had good chemistry. I found their romance believable and enjoyed watching them come together.

I also enjoyed the strong cast of secondary characters. Tyler was fun loving and a bit of a scamp, and even Rosie and Chad’s other helpers all seemed to make the story feel more well-rounded to me, not just thrown in casually to pad out the list of people populating the story. I felt each character had a proper purpose and helped highlight Chad and Rusty’s growing relationship.

While the sex was well written and spicy, I didn’t feel it pushed the envelope too much and it wasn’t as prominent as it often is in erotic romance stories these days. I actually enjoyed the fact the story seemed to focus more on the characters and the relationship growing between Chad and Rusty and didn’t miss that the sex didn’t have as much zing as you can often find. Other readers might not feel the same, but to me I enjoyed the stronger focus being on the men and their characters. This would be a good story for readers who don’t mind M/M storylines and aren’t looking for too much spicy sex with their romance.

A fun, light and happy short story that I feel lots of people will enjoy.

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