Amanda: More Than Any Woman By Anton van den Berg

Amanda: More Than Any Woman By Anton van den Berg
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (166 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Stargazer

A story with unique insight into the different areas of a person, life, struggles, triumphs and joy… There are the difficult bits – Amanda refused to break. She couldn’t let herself. She went on, because she had to. There are the beautiful bits – Amada leans against the door. Speechless, overwhelmed and intoxicated with the warmness and overpowering emotional glow… Naturally we function better as part of a pair, but we can still function by ourselves. That’s what rewards the most. You know you won’t explode with joy, but some days you just wish you would.

Have you ever read a book’s description and remained at a loss as to what it may entail upon reading? Amanda: More than any woman by Anton van den Berg leaves a bit to the imagination when reading the description.

From the very beginning, the story follows the life of Amanda. Now, please remember, this is a unique story that deserves to be read first hand so some details will be very vague. The story is very unique and the perspective the author places the reader is very special. The reader experiences life with Amanda, shares in the struggles with Amanda, yet in a way, also is aware of a separation between Amanda and the reader.

While I enjoyed the unique perspective the author places the reader; I also struggled with reconciling the characters as fully fleshed out participants in the story of Amanda. Several characters came and went without a deep back story and years pass without full details of what is happening. The story is very introspective, but in a very unique way. Throughout the story the reader is placed in a position of trying to reconcile Amanda’s thoughts and actions, along with current events.

The author had a smooth writing style and great descriptions; although the editing could be a little cleaner. The story itself kept the reader guessing and the unique perspective the reader was placed makes for a fascinating look at the world of the author’s mind. Amanda: More than any woman is a story and a view of life that I had not considered before.

While I would have liked to have known a little more backstory and witnessed deeper character development, overall this was a good read from an author who offers a very fascinating perspective and view of life from beginning to end. Please consider picking up a copy of Amanda: more than any woman, I believe that this will offer you a view of life that you may not have considered before!

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