Alpha Wolves by DJ Swykert

Alpha Wolves by DJ Swykert
Publisher: Master Magic Minds
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (139 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Maggie Harrington is deeply in love with Jeremy Paull and they become engaged. Maggie feels as if she has found her prince. Strong and protective Jeremy loves her to his core. It appears they are a perfect match and a long and loving marriage lies  straight ahead.

Just before the wedding Maggie’s past comes back to haunt her in the form of Tommie Stetter. Maggie and Tommie shared a powerful love until he abruptly left her after their adventure in the wilderness trying to save a pack of young wolves from a bounty hunter. Maggie can’t help herself when love comes around again with Tommie.

Her love for both men complicates the simple life she desired at Central Mine on Michigan’s wild Keweenaw peninsula of the early twentieth century.

Set in the mining country of Michigan, this is the tale of the descendants of Cornish miners. In particular Maggie Elizabeth Harrington.

Maggie is caught between two loves. Jeremy who has always been there for her; and Tommie her childhood sweetheart who got sent away when they tried to save some wolf cubs. Maggie has always loved Tommie but is her love for him stronger than what she feels for Jeremy?

The setting in Michigan, a place I have never been to, came across as beautiful and mysterious and the Central Mine area just the sort of place to live a peaceful, quiet life.

However, I have to admit I found this book slightly confusing. To begin with the blurb is completely different to the actual story and this made me wonder why it was there at all. Being written in the first person meant it was all in Maggie’s point of view, which ended up being a bit dull. When the mine collapsed trapping those she loved, Maggie seemed to come alive. More of this type of emotion would have enlivened the story.

Wolves brought Maggie and Tommie together when they were younger. Jeremy also brings a wolf into her life when he gives her a wolf hybrid and this gift seals Maggie’s love for the tall miner. With no female kin in her life, and a father who seldom speaks, Maggie tends to rely on Mrs Daume, the village schoolteacher to give her advice.

On the whole this is a reasonably sweet romance story, although I could have done with a bit more excitement from Maggie, although I suppose her character is fitting for the location and the time period of the story.

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