Adversaries by Lyndi Alexander

Adversaries by Lyndi Alexander
The Color of Fear Book 3
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Rating: 5 Stars
Review by Dryas

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

Life after the devastating biological terrorist attack that decimated the White population in the US is beginning to recover as Tzu Lin Kwan is finally able to deliver her precious cargo of herbs to her scientist father. Or is it?

The virus may be mutating, spreading to infect those previously immune. Tzu Shin and his fellow scientists—and now Kwan—are literal prisoners of the US military. The White supremacist army of the demagogue Gabriel has invaded St. Louis. And the Chinese assassin Piao knows where to find his targets.

Kwan and her friends Valery, Eddie, and San are ready to fight to the death to defend their recovering world. The question is: Are courage and determination enough?

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When she arrives at her father’s friend’s house, she finds out that her father had been taken away. She stayed there and made friends with Xi San also known as Sam or a nickname of the Sandman. Both are Chinese and have been trained in martial arts. Kwan also makes a wonderful friend, Valery, who was dispensing medicine to the sick in San Francisco and knew she needed to do more than that to help the world. The two of them start towards Ohio where she finds out that her father is now staying after she receives a letter. And Sam starts to make his journey to St. Louis to be with his best friend Eddie who had his own radio station that offers those seeking sanctuary a way to get there safely and to offer comfort and hope.

These Characters are so wonderfully created that they feel like part of your family. The bravery that Eddie shows who is part of the radio broadcast with a woman named Isis makes me humble as they could have been shut down at any time from the small Government, along with the threat of arrest. Their radio station is incredibly important as it gives lifesaving information, help keep spirits high, and tell it as it is. They don’t sugar coat any information they receive, including how the government was treating their mayor.

Kwan’s perseverance in reaching her father to help him hopefully create a cure for the plague before all the citizens are dead shows just how determined and strong, she is. She takes every challenge in front of her with spirit and placing her life above all else. Sam is another man that lives by a code of honor, spirit, and strength. His plans are amazing, and he will give his all to keep his new family alive. Although they have faced danger and death on their journey, I find it amazing how much everyone helps each other. Marie is a sweet woman who adores taking care of all those that live under her care while Jack provides wisdom in their greatest fight.

Their greatest enemy is a man named Gabriel who is obsessed about saving the white people and killing all those of different races. He has a huge group of fanatical followers that he calls the Angel’s that will do anything he tells them. He blames the different races for the plague and is charismatic and gives those that feel lost a purpose. I can see why many follow him even though it disgusts me.

There are at least some sweet moments when Valery found love with Eddie, a strength of purpose beyond helping Kwan since that journey has ended, and someone to care for since her family has all passed away. Along with the relationship between Valery is Sam and Kwan although their relationship is put on hold. It makes me sad to see they both have such respect and love towards each other. But both know that starting a relationship during such a hard time must wait for a better future.

I was impressed at just how much of a difference these young adults had made in the world. If it were not for them giving up everything they had, the world would have ended up in chaos.

In the end, most of the loose ends are tied up and ultimately the reader is left with hope.

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