A US. Murder: Georgia by Lynette Hall Hampton


A US. Murder: Georgia by Lynette Hall Hampton
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (153 pages)
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Sunflower

When Nicole Lynch regains consciousness, she doesn’t know who she is or why she’s in the floor of the ladies room of a Macon, Georgia department store. In the struggle to find herself, she rents a room from a vivacious Italian lady in her seventies, and takes a job in an insurance agency to make enough money to live on. She is immediately drawn to one of the owners, Connor Cottingham, not aware that an unbalanced woman has set out to win Connor. When she learns the truth, it’s too late. She has played into the hands of a sadistic killer.

What happens when you have vague memories and you wake up to a strange situation? Could you survive and get by with your wits and senses?

Nicole Lynch has no choice. She has to survive, for someone apparently wanted to harm her. But who? See, that’s the problem. She doesn’t remember! Who is she? What is her past? What’s going on? I admire this character. For her situation, she handles it with an ease that I couldn’t imagine trying to do. Luckily, strangers around her sense that she is a good person and decide to help her out.

The story starts off strong. A good hook, mystery surrounding Nicole and her past. But there’s a lot of factors that pull the story down. The pace turned the other way after a few chapters and was a little slow going. Because of my curiosity about Nicole, and a plot line that might have involved her, I kept going.

The hero of the book is Connor. Nicole ends up working for his office. I really would have loved to learn more about his character. There isn’t a point of view change, so reading more into Connor wasn’t an option. I liked his back story and the conflict that drove him to be the way he is, but while the story had a mild focus on that, it wasn’t a large factor. The relationship between Connor and Nicole didn’t develop in a normal fashion, it seemed all of a sudden to me. There wasn’t the typical tension leading up to their getting together. I am glad they found each other and that they stuck by one another, so their HEA was definitely deserved.

The premise really had a lot of promise, but it sort of fell flat. There’s some questions that never got answered, and a sub plot that intrigued me, and didn’t go the way I expected. I felt happy for Connor and Nicole, but I’d hoped for a more intense and closure for the ending of the book.

Overall, the suspense was well done. The characters got me interested and had be turning the pages to find out what was next.

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