A Study in Temperance by Ichabod Temperance

A Study in Temperance by Ichabod Temperance
Publisher: Goldenbear Creative Works
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full length (214 pages)
Rating: 5 stars
Review by Rose

“Gee, Miss Plumtartt, after our calamitous arrival on this unsuspecting city, do you think we are still under threat of imminent murder by gangs of assorted, yet stylish, assassins?”

“I say, I do fear this to be the case, Mr. Temperance. The machinations of intrigue are not unlike one of your ingenious spring-driven contraptions, sir. Yes, plots boil and swarms of suspicious characters are at our every turn, eh hem?”

“Yes, Ma’am, Miss Plumtartt, Ma’am. It’s a good thing we have enlisted the assistance of this notorious, Victorian-era London detective to assist us in this baffling murder mystery adventure, for I fear there is more to this tale than meets the eye!”

What fun! This steampunk mystery is told very much (and unapologetically) tongue-in-cheek. It is obvious that it’s not the first volume of the series, but can be easily read on its own.

Ichabod Temperance and his companion Persephone Plumtartt arrive in England and are instantly plunged into a rousing adventure and well as making the acquaintance of a certain detective whose last name is Holmes and who has a brother high-placed in British circles. The brother wishes his younger sibling would settle down and do something with his intellect.

The story is told from many different POVs which is surprisingly not as confusing as I would have thought. Each POV character has very much his/her own voice so it was instantly evident who was doing the talking.

And, the laughs! My poor husband was trying to read his own book but kept being interrupted. “Let me read you this part!”

I adore Temperance and Plumtartt, however I would be amiss if I did not mention the supporting characters and how much they added to the story. My very favorites had to be the BarbaraHaughnne brothers, Yababadabadoiah and Scubidubeduiah. As you can see, there are many cultural in-jokes that will not detract from your enjoyment of the book if you don’t get them, but add another level of pleasure when you do—so much so I now want to reread the book just to find them!

I am so going to go back and buy the rest of the books in the series—starting with book one. Mr. Ichabod Temperance, you have found a new fan!


  1. Oh my Goodness!
    Thank you, Long and Short Reviews, for reading ‘Study’ and thank you for such a wonderful review!
    Happy Reading!
    Your pal,
    ~Icky. 🙂

  2. If I may indulge in a moment of crass self-promotion, this book { ‘A Study in Temperance’ is book #4 in the 10 book ‘The Adventures of Ichabod Temperance’ series} is available in an audio version narrated by me, Ichabod Temperance. 🙂

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