A Stitch on Time by Yolanda Sfetsos

A Stitch on Time by Yolanda Sfetsos
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (259 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Thistledown

All it takes is a little death and mayhem to make a spook catcher s day.

Sierra Fox, Book 5

Sierra Fox has finally inherited her grandmother s power to destroy demons, but what good is it when her werewolf boyfriend still lies in a coma? Worse, the decision she s about to make could save him but ruin their relationship.

If that s not enough bad stuff on her plate, she s got a soul to save the soul of her closest friend, killed by the Lamia that got away.

Another untasty side dish: The Obscurus refuse to give up their relentless pursuit, and they ve upped the ante. Mace is dead set on blowing up the Spook Catcher Council Tower, and the blowback will have devastating effects on Sydney and for Sierra. At least these demon-obsessed freaks aren t counting on Sierra having a Goddess and a trusty demonic conduit as backup.

All of this leads to a one-way ride into the abandoned part of town, where the Obscurus plan to summon Legion. With her demon hunter friend by her side, Sierra prepares for the final battle because even she knows this will be The End.

When you look into the abyss, it can look right back at you.

In the fifth book of the Sierra Fox series you will meet a demon hunter with a soul to save. Sierra’s closest friend has just been killed by a Lamia and her soul taken. In a race against time, she has to rescue her before it’s too late. Add to that a boyfriend in a coma and some complications when he doesn’t seem to be getting much better and Sierra has to resort to the nearly unthinkable to stop him from flat lining. Life can really be a twisted mother sometimes. Especially when you’re dating the local pack alpha.

The group Obscurus is after Sierra, especially Mace, an unholy force who will use anything he can to blow up Spook Central. In a battle that will take everything Sierra has, the odds are not exactly in her favor-unless you count a Goddess and a demon conduit as backup. This book was a rocket ship of a ride and I think if read in order would have been awesome.

Going into the series at book number five, I was decidedly lost. Sometimes you can jump right in and find your way but there were so many minute details that didn’t make sense, it took a while before I could get a bead on what exactly was going on with the story. Sister who dies and comes back to life when someone close to them dies. Okay. Check. Great concept. It led the way into the story but as things began to unwind it was unclear who the people were and I struggled with that and to some extent I think it detracted from the book for me.

I think I would have liked to see a bit more of a recap for people who stumble across this book (like I did) and fall in love with the art, not realizing it is in the middle of a series. As I said, sometimes you are able to navigate the waters but this felt more like a mudpit and I couldn’t get a grip.

On the other side, the main character was great and the dynamics of the world were intriguing. I liked the demon aspect and the conflicted nature of her saving her werewolf boyfriend the way she did. The sex was steamy and a nice topper on the cake. I want to go back and read more of this series so I understand the world better and I think in doing so, I will enjoy it much more. Urban fantasy fans will enjoy this series-but please read it in order.

Bring on the butt kicking heroines cause the world needs more of them…

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