A Shot of Sultry by Macy Beckett

A Shot of Sultry by Macy Beckett
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (314 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Peppermint

For West Coast filmmaker Bobbi Gallagher, going back to Sultry Springs is a last resort. But with her career in tatters, a documentary set in her hometown might be just what she needs to salvage her reputation. She just can’t let anything distract her again. Not even the gorgeous contractor her brother asked to watch over her. As if she can’t handle filming a few rowdy Texans.

Golden boy Trey Lewis, with his blond hair and Technicolor-blue eyes, is a leading man if Bobbi ever saw one. He’s strong and confident and—much to her delight—usually shirtless. He thinks keeping his best friend’s baby sister out of trouble will be easy. But he has no idea of the trouble in store for him…

There had been many theories floating around Sultry Springs about what happened to little Bobbi, especially since she was raised by a drunk who abandoned her oldest child. This created a interesting background story for the main character of A Shot of Sultry. Bobbi had fought tooth and nail from a young age to prove to everyone and herself that she was nothing like her mother. Yet, she still couldn’t avoid scandal. When she returns to Sultry Springs she knows she will need to face the past her mother had left behind including a sibling she knows nothing about.

Bobbi’s story intrigued me. I knew a bit about her from the previous story in this series, so I already wanted to know more about her. I was not disappointed. Bobbi’s upbringing definitely plays a role in who she is as in adult. It is clear she has some personality flaws and strengths because of what she seen and has been through. It made me root for her immediately since I saw her as an underdog. I also enjoyed the way that Bobbi seemed to have a spice for life even after all she had been through. While it may take her a while to figure out that she cannot have the picture perfect life no matter what, she does figure it out and seeing her develop and learn from her mistakes was truly entertaining.

Trey is a character I absolutely adored in the first story and was excited to see premier in A Shot Of Sultry. He has a unique wit and charm to him that draws woman including myself. While his charming ways may seem to be a facade to get laid to some, he genuinely cares about everyone, which is refreshing to see. He still has a certain male arrogance to him, which I look for in a alpha male but it is subtle and he can surely talk a girl like Bobbi out of her pants.

Both the personal and the relationship development of both characters in this book held me captive throughout the story. Add this to the introduction of some interesting secondary characters and this author has a winner. While having read the previous story enhanced this story, it was not necessary to enjoy it. Not only would I recommend this story to others, I have already and would suggest anyone who wants a good story they want to curl up with at the end of a long day.

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