A Princess by Christmas by Jennifer Faye

A Princess by Christmas by Jennifer Faye
Publisher: Harlequin
Genres: Contemporary, Holiday
Pages: Full Length (256 pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Thornapple

A royal kiss under the mistletoe

Prince Alexandro Castanovo arrives in snowy New York intent on protecting his royal family from scandal. And when Reese Harding—down-to-earth and heart-stoppingly beautiful—finds room for him at her inn, it seems like the perfect twist of fate.

Not long ago Reese’s world came crumbling down, shaking her foundations. But this enigmatic stranger intrigues her! She’s learned to be wary of secrets…but when she discovers Alex’s true identity, might there be enough magic in the air to make this regular American girl a princess by Christmas…?

This story is a modern day fairy tale romance with a holiday backdrop which makes the romance that much sweeter.

Reese is a strong young woman who has survived some pretty big emotional wallops in her life. She doesn’t trust men, with good reason. As the story opens, Reese is struggling to keep the old mansion she has set up as a B&B afloat after her father left Reese and her mother in deep debt. Reese has had to give up her dreams in order to keep her business running and take care of her emotionally fragile mother.

When a handsome man with a sexy accept shows up at the house claiming he has a reservation, it’s immediately apparent there has been some kind of mistake. Arrangements are made for this mysterious, and rather persistent man despite having no available rooms for him.

Alex is a prince who has traveled to America in hopes of drawing attention from the media away from this brother and his latest scandal which could put his country’s regime in peril. He never dreamed he would meet the woman who would cause him to question his staunch adherence to duty and obligation.

The story was just a bit uneven at the beginning and was oddly disjointed which disrupted the flow. It was just little slow moving at first and the set up took up a little too much time. But, once the story reached the half way mark all those little kinks had been smoothed out and I found myself really involved in the plot.

Alex was so nice and sweet and so open with his feelings but, he was also bogged down by the rules of his family and country and their expectations. I thought it was kind of ironic that his wayward brother would teach Alex a thing or two about love and life. Reese would have to work hard to open herself up like Alex. Her guard was up at all times, but Alex was simply too irresistible…the ultimate prince charming. Who doesn’t love this fairytale like story where the poor girl who has given up her dreams to face life’s harsh realities winds up becoming a princess when she meets the love of her life? This is sigh worthy every.single.time. The poignancy of the holiday season was very difficult for Reese, so it was only fitting that she would find true love and all her hopes and wishes would come true at Christmas. This is a very sweet holiday themed romance and I really enjoyed reading it.

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