A Passion for Pleasure by Nina Rowan

A Passion for Pleasure by Nina Rowan
Publisher: Grand Central
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (384 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Cholla

Prelude to a Kiss

A brilliant pianist and notorious rake, Sebastian Hall indulges his passion for music and women with equal aplomb. But now that his elder brother has married, his father insists he pursue a more respectable path and find a suitable wife.

Music to Her Ears

As a girl, Clara Whitmore quietly loved her piano teacher from afar. Yet her youthful crush cannot compare to the powerful desire she feels when she unexpectedly meets Sebastian again. Perhaps the man who once dominated her dreams could be the husband she has hoped for—and save her from the fate she most fears.

Love Strikes a Chord

Risking scandal, ruin, and their own reputations, Sebastian and Clara enter into a marriage of convenience. But the pair soon discovers that their undeniable attraction is anything but convenient. Swept up in a crescendo of desire, Sebastian and Clara take each other to new heights of ecstasy—until secrets from the past threaten to doom the duet forever. Now Sebastian will have to change his tune—and prove his love is true.

When Sebastian and Clara come face to face for the first time after many years, she’s just as enamored as she was as a young woman. He’s oblivious to who she even is. But he’s not oblivious to the effect she has on him. When they discover their attraction is very much mutual, the trouble begins. Each holds a secret they don’t want to make public, but together can they find a way to satisfy the other’s needs and find happiness too?

Clara Whitmore is desperate for help and she’ll stop at nothing to get it. That includes proposing to her one-time piano teacher, Sebastian Hall. Lucky for her he just happens to be the handsome and charming son of an earl. Clara’s self-sacrifice and single-minded determination to get back what she’s lost is both endearing and a bit crazy. The author does well with balancing her crazy moments with her more clear-headed ones.

Sebastian Hall’s life of doing as he pleases has come to an end. Coming on the heels of his brother’s marriage, his father has given him an ultimatum of marry or else. When Clara, frantic with need, gives him the perfect opportunity to make his father happy, he agrees. What he doesn’t expect is to find a woman full of passion – and secrets. I’ve always been a sucker for musicians and Sebastian is no exception. He’s witty, he’s charming and he’s handsome. Not to mention that he’s harboring his own secrets. His situation really spoke to me though and his desire to keep it quiet was more than just stubborn pride.

I’ll admit I was a bit wary of the idea of marrying for the sake of meeting obligations, but the author did an excellent job of making it work. Together, Clara and Sebastian are a dynamite couple who are compatible both in and out of the bedroom. When Sebastian pulls a surprise move near the end of the novel, you really find out just how perfect they are for one another. I couldn’t have been happier at that moment.

A Passion for Pleasure is a romantic and humorous story about desperation and the acts that accompany it. Both steamy and exciting, this historical novel was a true joy to read.

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