A Neapolitan Fairy Tale At Lake Okoboji by Paula Benge

A Neapolitan Fairy Tale At Lake Okoboji by Paula Benge
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Twenty-seven-year-old workaholic Georgiana Bennet lost her sense of taste in an accident. When she arrives at Lake Okoboji, Iowa, looking for a cure she meets Michal, the handsome co-owner of the Lucky Star Ice Cream Bar, and his three eccentric partners. The three women weave their way into Georgiana’s world as she finds herself spending long days in the sun with Michal and warm evenings under the stars. But the day she sees fairy wings on her new female friends changes her forever.

The fairies manipulate Georgiana’s life, including her love life, until she makes a decision that complicates everything.

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I found this to be a really enjoyable, happy and light story. While Georgiana’s problems are fairly serious, and a part of me found her solution (to taste a specific ice cream that started her in childhood on the path to opening her own ice cream store) slightly ludicrous, there was a happy, easy and lighthearted charm to the entire setup that had me smiling and eagerly turning the pages. For me, this is one of those types of stories where you simply need to sit back, relax and enjoy it – disconnect your brain and logic or reason and just go with the flow.

I loved the author’s writing style and really felt like I was there at the Faire Park on the lake, sun shining, water glacial blue with the rides and music like every wonderful memory I have of my own childhood. The author did an amazing job setting the scene and laying everything out and I found myself swept along with Georgiana and her cause.

There is a very sweet romance between Georgiana and Michal. I have to admit the romance is sweet and chaste enough it took me quite a while to really get into it and the concept of them forming a lasting and emotional connection. There was a fair bit of paranormal threaded throughout the story and while I feel like the story could have been equally amazing had there not been quite such a heavy influence of magic and fairies I certainly felt like it added an extra and interesting element to the story.

Light and fun with a hint of summer holidays, delicious ice cream and a very sweet and enjoyable romance, A Neapolitan Fairy Tale At Lake Okoboji is a great read.

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