A Million Things To Ask A Neuroscientist by Mike Tranter PhD

A Million Things To Ask A Neuroscientist by Mike Tranter PhD
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Non-Fiction
Rated: 5 stars
Review by Rose

A Million Things To Ask A Neuroscientist answers some of the most asked questions about the brain, making the science fun and accessible to everyone. Inside, you will journey through some of the most interesting and strange things that our brain does every single day. Have you always wanted to know just what a memory actually is, or why we dream? What is our consciousness? Why do some people seem to ‘click’ with others? And can our brain really multi-task?

I am the first to admit that I do not have a scientific bent of mind! And, normally, I shy away from anything that smacks of science.  But when I saw this book and read the blurb, I was definitely intrigued. And I am so glad I asked to review it!

Dr. Tranter explains things in a way even the most non-science-oriented ones  (like me) can understand. Not only are the explanations easy to understand, he has some comments that made me literally laugh out loud and interrupt my husband’s reading to share with him.

In addition to the “asking questions” section of the book, Dr. Tranter discusses what he refers to as the “X-files of neuroscience”, and I found this section even more intriguing than the question/answer segment.

One of the best parts about the book is you can easily pick it up and put it down. The chapters are relatively short, and it’s easy to pick and choose what you want to read.  There’s no need to read the book straight through. I loved that about the book.

Towards the end of the book, Dr. Tranter also gives other resources in case you want to read more.  I’m looking forward to checking some of them out!

Thank you, Dr. Tranter, for an look at one of the most interesting organs in our body!  And kudos for making it where even someone like me can understand it and enjoy it!

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