A Marshal of Her Own by Linda LaRoque

A Marshal of Her Own by Linda LaRoque
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
genre: Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (99 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Water Lily

Best Book 2012 copy

Despite rumors of “strange doings” at a cabin in Fredericksburg, investigative reporter Dessa Wade books the cottage from which lawyer Charity Dawson disappeared in 2008. Dessa is intent on solving the mystery. Instead, caught in the swirling mist that surrounds the cabin, she finds herself in 1890, in a shootout between the Faraday Gang and a US Marshal.

Marshal Cole Jeffers doesn’t believe Miss Wade is a time traveler. He admits she’s innocent of being an outlaw but thinks she knows more about the gang than she’s telling. When she’s kidnapped by Zeke Faraday, Cole is determined to rescue her. He’s longed for a woman of his own, and Dessa Wade just might be the one—if she’ll commit to the past.

Dessa wasn’t the only person swept back in time through the pages of this incredible tale. With A Marshal of Her Own, Linda La Roque has hit my “automatic buy” list.

Ms. La Roque does a wonderful job of blending modern day strengths and sensibilities with nineteenth century history, setting, society and morals. She makes the past come alive in this novella. Modern day Dessa Wade is smart, strong, bright and beautiful. Her caring and curiosity prompt her to do whatever it takes to solve a cold case and find what happened to Charity Dawson. And she succeeds in a way she never imagines.

Marshal Cole Jeffers could easily have been the stereotypical 1890’s marshal, but he’s not. The scenes from his point of view give a fabulous depiction of how a modern woman and a modern world would look like through nineteenth century eyes. Ms. La Roque does a marvelous job of bringing both the past and present characters to life in their different settings. The sights, scents, and sounds of the west are vividly described as are the local customs, clothes and prejudices. The sweetness and intensity of Dessa and Cole’s romance took my breath away. I didn’t want to put this book down. (I ended up reading it while the Super Bowl was on. And I really like football.) I’ve read other books by Ms. La Roque. She gets better with each one.

A Marshal of Her Own ended with both a satisfying happily ever after and a hint of more to come. It was the perfect balance which makes me long for the next installment. I hope you’ll join me on this time travel adventure by picking up your copy today.


  1. When you have a great title for a book
    When you have a great cover for a book
    When you have a book that overides the urge to
    watch the superbowl

    Time..to be taken back in time!!
    A Marshal of Her Own..goes back to a time
    when life was rough and tough,but the quest for love
    was a journey without the trappings of today.

    No motorcar,a horse ride beneath a lonesome star
    but the quest for love..was the ultimate journey.
    Campfire to hellfire,the beauty of back then..live the wild west….you can
    A Marshal of Her Own…lets you do that.
    Brilliant and delightful
    Time… to vote!!-I AM ..

  2. donna harris says:

    I just came across your book “A Marshal of Her Own”, I like what I read so far. I will be put it on buy list. I know I’m a little late commenting but I had to comment. I love the cover of book too. If you ever giveaway a printed paperback I would love to enter. Thanks Donna Harris

    • Hi Donna, I hope you’ve had a chance to read A Law of Her Own. A heads up, all three novellas are in an anthology titled A Time of Their Own and available in paperback. Tomorrow it will be out in ebook. Thanks for your wonderful comment!!!!

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