A Marine and A Gentleman by Heather Long


A Marine and A Gentleman by Heather Long
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (30 pages pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aster

Lieutenant Brenden Fitzpatrick is a dedicated Marine, loyal son, and devoted uncle, but he’s lonely. When he went Marine, the rule was don’t ask, don’t tell. His brothers-in-arms pretty much didn’t ask and didn’t care. Watching so many friends settle into long-term relationships highlighted the absence of someone to come home to in his life. When his unit encourages him to give the 1Night Stand service a try, he asks for the impossible—a night with the one man he almost gave up the Marines for in the first place. A man he called best friend but let time and distance carry away.

Liam Gardiner grew up on the same Boston block as his best friend, Brenden. Unlike Brenden, Liam always accepted that he was gay—a fact he didn’t mind flaunting to all the bullies and naysayers in school. It got his ass kicked more than once, but Brenden always had his back, rescuing him time and time again, until the day Brenden left for the Marines. He missed his buddy—the crush he never confessed, lest it cost him the precious friendship—so when Madame Eve’s invitation to meet Brenden arrived, Liam faces uncertainty for the first time.

Life made them best friends, can Madame Eve help them become so much more?

An American hero has only a few weeks of rest and relaxation before he is sent back into battle. What does he do to make the most of his time? He contacts Madame Eve to help arrange his lifelong dream date.

Brenden Fitzpatrick has known what he wanted his entire life. He was made to become a Marine. All-American, driven, generous and kind, he was the guy everyone always admired. Unfortunately for Brenden, his dreams required him to hide one very crucial fact. Brenden is gay.

Liam Gardiner was Brenden’s best childhood friend. Openly gay, Liam was the man Brenden protected, befriended, and confided in. Although Liam had a crush on Brenden since they’d met, he also knew Brenden was straight, so he had to settle for a close friendship instead of romance.

I’ll admit I’m not a normal reader of M/M stories, and this is the first I’d made through. What I like best about this tale is within the first few pages, it was no longer a story about two men, but two old friends who wanted to reconnect and perhaps rekindle an old attraction. The friendship and love between Liam and Brenden was very natural and believable, one couldn’t help but root for them from the start.

I will say it was a bit confusing to keep them straight with dialogue and point of view, since the same pronoun was used, but that could be more my unfamiliarity with male/male stories than it is the fault of the author. I do wish we had seen a little more of the two after they finally coupled since the bulk of the story was the build up, but what we were given was beautiful and very heart-felt.

It was a pleasant surprise to get a sneak peek of many of the characters from previous editions of the Always a Marine series. Ms. Long has a wonderful way of showing the connection between characters, and it was wonderful to know they had all stayed together and were making their relationships work. Hopefully Brenden and Liam will join that group.

Whether you enjoy gay stories or have never experienced them before, this is one to try because bottom line, it is a love story, and that’s what we are all looking for.

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