A Man for Annalee by Vonnie Davis

A Man for Annalee by Vonnie Davis
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short Story (130 pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

When men fight over the feisty new arrival in town, the battle for her hand begins…

Annalee Gallagher loses her parents, home, and business in the Great Fire of Chicago. When she travels to Cicero Creek in the Wyoming Territory to start a new life, more heartache awaits her, and so do the attentions of several men–for good and for evil. Why was her stagecoach attacked, and was the shot that zinged over her head one night a wild bullet or a bad aim?

Boone Hartwell, the marshal of Cicero Creek, suspects someone is out to kill the new spitfire in town. She amuses him and touches a lonely part of his soul, but keeping her safe is a fulltime occupation. More importantly, can a white man raised as Cheyenne rise above her other suitors to win her heart? One thing is for certain in his determined mind: He’s the man for Annalee.

Annalee is going to Cicero Creek to meet her grandfather and live with him. She certainly didn’t expect the stagecoach to be attacked!

I enjoy a western once in a while and this sweet romance novelette was just the ticket for my “taste” of the old west. Ms. Davis writes with historical facts with good humor and makes her characters endearing.

Annalee’s hat gets shot off her head, but she’s still mad at the man who shoved her on the floor and is lying on her shooting back at the robbers. He’s hurting her burns and he’s rude anyway. The fact that he’s the local sheriff does not impress her much. When she sputters about the finishing school she attended, he just informs her she must have failed the deportment course. This makes her even madder!

Annalee’s parents had died in the Chicago fire and her home and work place both burned up. Her grandfather was her only living relative. When the doctor examined her after the stagecoach ride, he sadly informs her that her grandfather was shot in the back and had died two weeks ago. What was she to do now?

Little does she know that arriving in town has set all the bachelors on notice like bird dogs. Boone is already trying to stake his claim on her, but she didn’t come here to get married. She came to run a fabric store and do some sewing for the town folk. She’d live in her Grandfather’s home until they found a will and determined ownership. Then someone shot at her!

My favorite part is when she meets Boone’s Native American brother. He’s all Indian and she’s speechless when she sees him. So he tells her that her hair is safe, he’s already scalped five people this morning. She faints again…

The conversations are fun, the killer isn’t identified until the end of the story, and romance grows along the edges of the tale. It’s a fun read and a smooth journey for Annalee now that she’s come home to Cicero Creek. Ms. Davis does a very nice job with this story.

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