A Little Night of Mischief by Emily Greenwood

A Little Night of Mischief by Emily Greenwood
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (355 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Every Prize Comes with Complications…

A game of chance saves James Collington from the prospect of debtors’ prison, and grants him ownership to Tethering estate. Little does he know that his winnings come with serious complications–not least of which is a beautiful but impoverished young lady who insists his new manor belongs to her.

If He Can’t Stop Her, He Might as Well Join Her…

Felicity Wilcox is determined to run Mr. Collington off her land, Though James’s charm and devilish good looks are a serious distraction. What she doesn’t know is that she may be haunting him right back.

Life can be serious and abound with problems, so finding someone to be playful with and relate to even when working at cross purposes is a treasure not to be overlooked. Felicity Wilcox and James Collington spark that sense of fun from their first encounter and lure the reader into a delightful story that page by page carries everyone along as Felicity and James find their way through a maze of actions and decisions that give the reader an absorbing vicarious experience.

Felicity is burdened with a promise she made to her mother as she lay dying and her with her Uncle Jonathan’s gambling away the family home Tethering Hall. How she copes with her improvised situation is unorthodox but it gets results even if it was not the results she had in mind.

Her strength of character and steadfast efforts to do what she thinks is right make her an admirable heroine. Her sense of humor and how comfortable she is in her own skin make her a delight to have a vicarious experience with; whether she is haunting Tethering Hall or charming the would-be suitors in London.

She and James Collington both have to work through a muddle of family duty issues before they can truly have lives of their own. The issues they must resolve to free themselves and the things they must forgive themselves for make tantalizing reading as they grapple with whether to hang on to the past or moving on with the ever-changing world that is their future. However, the honest, natural fun and the playful then consuming love that emerges are best of all.

James Collington has always been a goal setter and then follows through regardless of the hard work involved. His work ethic and his single-minded focus on putting his family’s affairs to right get thwarted by the delectable Felicity and the feeling she ignites in him. Her haunting antics set them up for a BIG change in their lives. He has some huge decisions to make about his life and his efforts. His Aunt Miranda who seems a little ditzy at times says just the right thing at the right time to set him free from long-held believes that he had to set things right without regard to his personal desires.

Crispin Markham, the vicar who has a past with Felicity and Felicity’s father help move the plot along. They both think they know what is best for Felicity to do with her life. She listens then sets a course to find her own way before a future she does not want is forced upon her. James’ family does their part to influence his and Felicity’s relationship. Lydia and Alice, James’ little relatives attach themselves to Felicity and help reveal a special facet of both Felicity and James’ personalities.

Emily Greenwood does a wonderful job of luring the reader into the lives of the hero and heroine. She captured and kept my attention from the initial scene of Felicity falling in the creek to the very end with living in a tent in Spain with eyes toward bigger things to come. All the way to the end, Ms. Greenwood delights the reader with a touch of mischief and humor. Best of all she infuses a heartwarming love that leaves the reader feeling all is coming right for the two characters that came into their own. Great entertainment!

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