A Late Summer Night’s Dream by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead

A Late Summer Night’s Dream by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (88 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Sex
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Among Oxford’s dreaming spires, can a widowed professor and a wide-eyed scholar make their own dreams of love come true?

Simeon Shakespeare is living his academic dream. As an Oxford scholar, he spends his days in libraries and whiles away his nights at the theater. A mix-up over a seat number leads to a very awkward first act, but that’s nothing compared to what happens when the lights go up.
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Professor Anthony Meadows is finished with love. Shattered by the death of his husband, he divides his time between his book-lined study and Oxford’s theaters. The last thing he needs is an annoying research student bickering with him over who should sit where.

When Anthony and Simeon discover they have more in common than a shared love of the Bard, it looks as though the stage is set for romance. Yet with the memory of Anthony’s lost love keeping the professor from moving on, can Simeon’s love mend his broken heart?

Simeon prefers older men – the silver fox always a lot more enticing to him than callow youths. He hadn’t expected to find himself seated next to just such a man though, nor that the attraction he felt for the man next to him would eclipse the Shakespearian theater production he’d come to watch. Even though Simeon and Anthony begin on the wrong foot, they quickly patch things up and eventually end up going out to dinner together. Can a random night out at the theatre be the beginning of something wonderful for them both?

I found this to be a delightful, very British romance story based in Oxford. I really enjoyed the UK-feel to the whole story – everything from the turn of phrase (Torch! Not flashlight!) to the overall feel of the city. Eating pie and mash at a local pub, the correct use of the slang “mate” and “gent” and so forth. It all wove together seamlessly and I really enjoyed this.

Readers looking for a lovely, slower-paced, character-driven romance should find this story fits the bill perfectly. I liked how Simeon and Anthony were interesting and well drawn characters and I could find myself relating well to them both. I also appreciated how they didn’t simply glance at each other, wink and exchange a few pleasantries and jump immediately into bed. Following as the two men got to know each other over dinner, share some laughter and get to know each other helped me as a reader get a good feel for them both and see them connect and begin to build their relationship with each other. And when finally the two gents get together and are intimate, I found the scene to be well worth the wait, tender and spicy. While the sex was descriptive, I found it to be gentle, loving and quite romantic. I feel readers who enjoy M/M romances and a bit of spice should find this love-making scene well written and delicious.

This is a lovely short story with two very interesting characters and watching Simeon and Anthony come gather was delightful. A very British, cosy and romantic story that I greatly enjoyed.

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