A Lady’s Secret Weapon by Tracey Devlyn

A Lady’s Secret Weapon by Tracey Devlyn
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (353 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Sydney Hunt and her extensive system of spies have worked hard to improve the lives of London’s less fortunate. Hearing of strange occurrences at a nearby orphanage, Sydney is forced to join ranks with a notorious rake known for charming his way into the beds of wives and mistresses across Europe. Ethan deBeau, Lord Danforth, is headed to London to locate a missing child, and soon he and Sydney are entrenched in London’s dark underworld. She harbors more secrets than the Foreign Office and he’ll uncover each one, kiss by kiss

Spies, suspense, child abuse, and secrets on top of secrets keep the reader on alert for something catastrophic to happen that will send both Sydney Hunt’s and Ethan de Beau’s worlds tumbling down.

Set in a time when Napoleon would love to gain control of England, A Lady’s Secret Weapon has spies in the most unsuspecting places for both sides of the struggle. They use all the leverage they can get and tell themselves that the end justifies the means.

Ethan de Beau, one of Nexus’ best spies, is a specialist in seducing women to get information. His weapons are charm, gorgeous looks, an aura of raw power, sensuality, and a devil-may-care attitude. He is an expert in his field but he also secretly rescues prisoners which nobody seems to be aware of. Ethan is a complex character with layers and layers of personal and professional beliefs and hopes that fuel his actions. How Tracey Devlyn creates a hero out of this boudoir spy makes riveting reading.

Sydney Hunt has just as many, if not more, layers of beliefs and driving needs that cause her to venture into situations that most women would avoid at all cost. Her strength of resolve, her many faces, her need to help the disenfranchised take the reader on a multi-faceted journey. She and her three never-failing cohorts take the reader on scary night deeds, uneasy spy missions, and to social events of note. Trying to figure out all the secrets keeps one’s mind fully engaged. Ms. Devlyn’s ability to keep the reader in the action is remarkable.

The antagonists seem to be in every nook and cranny from orphanages to top government and military positions. Whether they act voluntarily or under duress, they do create havoc on many lives.

Tracey Devlyn weaves in a captivating love story as she reveals unconscionable ways children were used and abused at that time in history and how the bitter enmity between France and England made life miserable for so many who could not help themselves but were at the mercy of the powers that be.

Since I read Checkmate, My Lord, I was delighted to get to caught up on some of the characters I met in that novel, especially the widow Mrs. Ashcroft and her irrepressible little seven-year-old daughter Sophie—she’s a darling.

Tracey Devlyn creates an incredible story with a heroine that dislikes nobility, is secretive, independent, shrewd and successful in her dealings along with a hero that is of noble birth, secretive, driven, and a user of women. How she brings these two together to create a happy-ever-after is mind boggling. There is mystery, danger, deception, sensuality, and more that make A Lady’s Secret Weapon great entertainment.

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