A Howl for a Highlander by Terry Spear


A Howl for a Highlander by Terry Spear
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full length (328 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

A Highland Wolf on a Mission…

Duncan MacNeill is hell-bent on catching the thief who’s stolen the clan’s fortune and run off to Grand Cayman Island. Duncan has rarely left his homeland and he couldn’t care less about an island paradise. He never expected to find a beautiful distraction who will show him just how appealing paradise can be…

Meets a Dangerous Distraction…

Lone wolf and botanist Shelley Campbell headed to the island to study the old growth forests. She didn’t count on meeting a handsome Highlander who can’t keep his paws off her.

If a reader is searching for a romance story which has an effective outside conflict that doesn’t allow all that drama and suspense to darken the growing relationship between two people, then this book is totally perfect.

What I mean is, A Howl for a Highlander uses the conflict to spice up, speed along and stir the plot making the relationship between Duncan and Shelley possible, fascinating and thoroughly entertaining. How Shelley reacts to Duncan’s edicts showcases how strong a female character she is. When she gets this twinkle in her eye and spouts off naughty dialogue that encourages Duncan’s kilt to rise, it makes for fun reading. When she stands behind her man and growls, she shows us a heroine who is the perfect match for the equally growly hero.

Duncan, on the other hand, is a man who needed taming. For so long he’s been the fixer, the doer and the protector; he’s become used to people jumping when he says to. Shelly doesn’t jump; she glares and does her own thing. I liked that the hero respected her for that. It drove him nuts, absolutely, but in the end, he wouldn’t have her any other way. The most fun aspect of his courting her is his inability to resist her. The scene with that tiny string thing was hot. The whole swimming in the ocean part was sexy and I had a ball reading about the hero fighting all those pirates. And the term, “male pissing contest” sort of took on a whole new meaning in this story. I giggled. I know for the wolf it was a serious thing but then Shelley comes along and did a certain something, it had me appreciating her more while it had Duncan green with jealousy thinking about what “might” happen. He’s such an all-around hunk of a Highlander and he fits the role beautifully.

The villain is potentially a red herring. Because of the dubious nature and the many hoops of conjecture that Duncan and Shelley have to jump through in trying to figure things out while trying to stay alive, I’m not going to explore too much lest I give a crucial plot point away. I’ll just say that in a way, I feel sad for the villain because I really think it’s more nurture than nature that played a roll in choosing the direction of life’s choices. I’m being purposely ambiguous but I can affirm that the villain was well written, cleverly positioned and placed throughout the story as well as effective at being bad. As evil and horrific as “dead bodies in a pool” sounds, it is actually quite comedic and I did laugh. Call me twisted.

Another fun aspect of this story comes from some of the secondary characters. There are some quick cameos from Duncan’s brother Ian, a Cavalry moment with one of the other brothers and Uncle Ethan. I don’t think there’d be a book on its own dedicated to Shelley’s uncle or uncles but they’d sure be a fun secondary line of romance in future books. Just think – gruff, hardened bachelors finding love in the old country with equally staunch and canny wolf-women making them toe the line and the fireworks that ensue – yes, indeed, I saw a hint of that in this book and it made me chuckle.

When the action got a bit tense and eventful, Ms. Spear managed to keep the writing focused and tight, insuring that a reader will experience the effect of heightened blood pressure, quickened breath and, if so inclined, the biting of nails when the big fight/chase scene occurs.

A Howl for a Highlander tells a tale that defines the word, ‘sexy’. There’s nothing more fun than being seduced by a confident Scottish Highlander who doesn’t mind letting you know what’s under his kilt. What is more refreshing is reading about a woman who is not intimidated by him in the least, but stands nose to nose, tail to tail and comes out on top – at least for a little while. Add to that, the very tantalizing descriptions of a man and his first Speedo and a reader has a lot to smile about while reading this latest adventure by Ms. Spear. My advice to readers is to leave plenty of time to kick back and visit with Duncan and Shelley because once started, this book is hard to put down. It’s that fun.


  1. Karen Roma says:

    Terry Spear’s Werewolf series is one of the best I’ve ever read.
    I was so excited that my copy of A Howl for a Highlander arrived a week before it was due, but now I have to wait for the next one!!!

  2. Woohoo, Karen! It’s going to be here soon!!! 🙂 Thanks so much for loving the series!

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