A Highlander in LA by J.P. Bowie

A Highlander in LA by J.P. Bowie
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (80 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Review by: Lisianthus

An 18th century time travelling Scot finds the man of his dreams in present day Los Angeles.

When on duty LAPD officer, Darren Holden, is told to check out a possible dead body lying in an alleyway, he finds a man who is unconscious but very much alive. Not only alive, but gorgeous—and wearing a kilt. Darren is sure he knows the man, he just can’t remember where or when they might have met. It isn’t until that night, unable to sleep, that he realises the stranger is a man he’d been dreaming of for some time—a man who had made love to him night after night.

The Last thing Duncan MacGregor remembers is that he was home in Glen Ardor, Scotland, betrothed to Margaret Macallister as a bond between their two feuding clans.

Darren isn’t sure if Duncan is playing a game, suffering from amnesia of just plain nuts, but his attraction to Duncan outweighs his scepticism and he takes him home, determined to find the truth.

Duncan believes he was enchanted by a witch who told him his destiny was not in Scotland, nor to be married to Margaret but to have a life of love and adventure with a man—the man he had dreamt of night after night—Darren.

As much as Darren wants to believe him, his common sense warns him of the sheer impossibility of Duncan’s story. Nevertheless, the overwhelming sexual attraction both men feel for one another leads to a night of passionate lovemaking.

Even then, Darren’s logical mind refuses to accept that such a thing is possible, but when a dangerous event threatens to tear them apart, Darren must be a believer or lose Duncan forever.

Highlander Duncan MacGregor is propelled through time and ends up in an alley where LAPD officer Darren Holden finds him. He finds Duncan irresistible and identical to a man he’s been having steamy dreams about. He’s shocked when he discovers Duncan has been having the same dreams. Duncan is in awe of everything modern and by his reactions alone it’s obvious he isn’t from modern times.

This story was interesting, quick and sexy. I liked Duncan and I could easily hear his sexy accent in my head. He was sweet and oh-so sexy. Darren was great, he was patient with Duncan even if he was kind of skeptical, but who wouldn’t be. Time travel isn’t something that’s easy to swallow even if the one claiming it has never seen things like cars and malls, so I fully supported and understood Darren’s position.

This was my first read by JP Bowie and it was very enjoyable. I would easily read another story by the author. I recommend this story for a lazy afternoon when an enjoyable quick story is needed.

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