A French Affair by Lucy Felthouse

A French Affair by Lucy Felthouse
Publisher: Xcite
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (82 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Clover

Sydney Tyler is renting a barn conversion in Northern France, planning to spend the fortnight getting some words down on her novel.

Unfortunately, construction work in the other half of the building puts an end to her peace and quiet. Genuinely upset that the builders are going to disturb her, the property’s handsome English owner, Harry Bay, offers to make it up to her. He’s a little flirtatious, and after spotting his wedding ring, Sydney keeps him at arm’s length. Sexy as he is, she has no intention of getting involved with a married man. But when Sydney learns the truth about Harry, will their mutual attraction spur them on to work through their emotional baggage and make this more than just a French affair?

A trip away can sometimes go horribly wrong and then go oh, so, deliciously right!

Sydney Tyler is renting a barn conversion in Northern France and looking forward to a few peaceful weeks of writing. She’s determined to completely immerse herself in the novel she has carefully plotted out. The trouble is – and isn’t this just what happens in real life? – she gets there and finds that seriously annoying builders are converting the barn next door! How can she possibly concentrate, let those characters talk to her, with all that banging and drilling going on?

The truth is she can’t, so when hunky – but apparently married – Harry Bay asks her if she’d like to spend some time enjoying peace and quiet at his house, how can she refuse? Ah, but it gets better rather than just working, why doesn’t she take a day trip to the most romantic city in the world with him, Paris? And is he married? Or has she jumped to the wrong conclusion after the bad experience she’s had?

I really enjoyed A French Affair and read it in one sitting. Ms Felthouse has a way of writing that is so perfectly real. Told from the heroine’s POV, all of her frustrations, fears, worries, delights, moments of ecstasy, are right there for a reader to enjoy as though they are there living in the moment. There is nothing wildly kinky or out there, this is a tale of two people, meeting, spending time together, becoming crazy with lust and then thinking of the future. Like I said, real.

I really liked Sydney, and could imagine her being my friend. I also really liked Harry, and he had layers to him that needed peeling back. He was sexy, considerate and also knew how to get it on when he needed to. He’s the sort of hero I like, very much, and I must admit, the mention of a little greying at the temples completely stole my heart!

If you like contemporary romance that is more than just sex – but has plenty of it – and has a story, and especially if you love France, then this might just be a book for you.

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