A Fox Between the Bear’s Sheets by Jenika Snow

A Fox Between the Bear’s Sheets by Jenika Snow
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (94 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Talia Landon, a red fox shifter with a weight complex, knew she was in trouble when she saw Ford Wylde for the first time. The alpha bear shifter was the type of male she should stay away from. It was clear he was far too experienced in sex, but what was supposed to be a one-night stand turns into a mating with a Wylde bear.

Ford wasn’t going to give up Talia, not after he marked her as his mate. But when Ford’s ex-girlfriend, Mina, comes back to Sweet Water after ten years, he knows he has to be honest about his relationship with Talia. Things get sticky when Mina shows an interest in him again, but Ford makes it known that Talia is his, and nothing and no one was going to get in the way of him claiming his female.

A Fox Between the Bear’s Sheets is the second book in the Wylde Bears series. This fantastic tale comes to the readers courtesy of the very talented Jenika Snow. This was my first book by this author and I have to say that I liked it a lot. I was pulled into the story right away, easily connecting with the main characters, Ford and Talia. It’s important to me that I like the characters that I’m reading about and that their story is interesting to read. No problem with this book, as I found myself cheering for Ford and Talia from start to finish.

Ford is a bear that has been burned before. A cheating woman broke his heart and left him a bit broken. He is living a life filled with meaningless hook ups, and thinks that is all that’s left to him now. Until he meets his mate and things turn around rather fast for him. I liked Ford and wanted him to have the mate he deserved. There is nothing like an alpha hero who thinks he is broken to tug at my heart.Talia, a red fox shifter, has come to town for her brother’s wedding. She thinks her brother is making a mistake and wishes he would change his mind before it’s too late. But she is determined to be by his side even though she can’t stand the bride. Then comes a chance meeting with a sexy bear and her visit starts to get interesting.

Things heat up pretty fast for Talia and Ford. The chemistry was off the charts for these two characters. The author gave them some sizzling love scenes that were very well written and passionate. They realize that they are mates and things are going good. Then their close connection comes to light and their relationship gets tumultuous for a while. The tension between them was palpable. Personally, I loved the drama. I guess you could say that they had some things to resolve. Ford has to figure out his feelings for his scheming ex and put away his anger at how he got played. Talia was pretty well adjusted character, but she did have some small self esteem problems. I just want to say that it was nice that the author gave me a heroine that didn’t quite fit the usual mold though. Overall, Talia was a great heroine and I connected with her personally. She wasn’t a drama queen. She knew that she would never be the perfect size. And she would be second best for no one. She totally rocked !

This book was so well written. The author did a good job on fleshing out the characters and cutting away the fluff. The back story was developed in a great way and helped to make the heroes actions more believable to me. The storyline flowed with ease and everything made sense to me. That’s another deal breaker for me as a reader. Everything has to make sense and happen for a reason. This story did that for me. The love scenes were hot. I think I touched on that already but want to add that Ford was a dirty talker. That was another good point for me. Ahem …. just saying. I want to close out my praise by commenting on how compelling I found the characters to be. All of them. The villainous ex was a manipulative character that I could hate. The supporting characters were interesting as well. Now I am eager to get to Bram’s book next. I think that he has some layers that will make an interesting story. So I am already looking forward to that later on today.

I enjoyed this book. I will be recommending Jenika Snow to all of my book reading friends. That says a lot when I personally recommend an author to my friends. To me this says they made the cut. So, happy reading to everyone.

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