A Cowboy at Heart by Lori Copeland, Virginia Smith

A Cowboy at Heart by Lori Copeland, Virginia Smith
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Genre:: Historical
Length: Full Length (285 pgs)
Heat Level sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

1886—Jesse Montgomery is beginning to feel restless. Though he’s grateful to his friends Colin and Emma for helping him get on his feet again after a few bad choices and some hard living, surely the Lord doesn’t want him to stay in Apple Grove forever. Doesn’t the Almighty have plans for this reformed rowdy cowboy to build a life of his own?

When an unscrupulous cattle baron tries to steal Amish land, Jesse intervenes and is wounded. Lovely Katie Miller, the young healer in the district, attends to him while trying to guard her heart. This sweet Amish widow cannot risk falling in love with an Englisch cowboy, charming though he may be. And yet—she believes God has a life for her too that is more than what she can presently see. Could there be a future with Jesse only He could bring about?

He’s a recovering alcoholic who has been taken in by the Amish. He’s not Amish, but he appreciates what they have done for him and he’s adjusting to a slower life on the farm. She’s an Amish widow and still feels the loss of her husband. She also has a very over-bearing father-in-law.

I enjoy reading books about those who choose to live a simpler life and follow their own religions. One of their concepts about protecting against jealousy or envy is to wear the same color and style of clothing. That’s something the Catholic school required when I was growing up. We all wore the same uniforms. I always thought it was boring, but it stops those with more or less money from standing out in the crowd, as well as dressing fancier for flirting.

The authors have done a good job of representing the Amish community and lifestyle and how everyone takes care of each other. They also make this a story that shows there can be conflict even within an Amish community. That made it very interesting to read for me, along with the cattle baron trying to take over a ranch and Jesse trying to stop that. What I most appreciated most was that the authors had their characters stay true to the Amish way; they didn’t take the easy way out.

I found it entertaining with a good plot and a nice word flow. Almost every character in this book changes in some way and it was fun to watch them develop new strength and survive the crisis in their life. If you like Amish stories, this one is better than average. You should give a try.


  1. Thanks so much for a thoughtful and positive review. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book!

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