A Collie Rescue by Lindsay Downs

A Collie Rescue by Lindsay Downs
Publisher: Astraea Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (90 pgs)
Heat Level: sweet
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Former Army Sergeant Sandi Charleston, diagnosed with PTSD and homeless barely survives day to day. By a miracle of fate, she meets Taz, a uniquely special collie, who helps turn her life around. It’s only through him she finds the courage to go head to head with her worst enemy-terrorists bent on mass destruction.

Bound by a special love to help and protect each other, side by side these two unlikely partners willingly march forward into battle. A fight to the death neither is sure can be won, but fighting as one, they will try.

Kidnapped and forced to reveal what she knows, Sandi realizes there is only one individual who can save her. It’s not the government, but her new best buddy. Together they defeat the enemy proving once again that battle buddies come in all shapes and breeds.

Former Sergeant Sandi Charleston felt like a shell of her former self. Despite the honors and medals she’d earned, she couldn’t move on from devastation that a fallen stone wall had caused her physically and emotionally. Unable to return to active duty or return to the carefree youngster she had been, she soon lost her job, her apartment and lived out on the streets. Invisible to practically everyone, Sandi slowly makes friends with a beautiful collie, Roxy, and her owner Jenna – a fellow officer. When Sandi overhears a potential terrorist plot in a soup kitchen, she confides in Roxy and Jenna, determined to do her duty as best she can.

This is a heartwarming story of a broken soldier who retains enough patriotism and spirit to defy the odds. Determined to protect her country regardless of the cost to herself, Sandi finds herself slowly opening up to new friends. She instantly falls in love with a new puppy, Taz, and she begins to heal. There are a bunch of characters in this story, sometimes making it feel very full, but the warmth and friendliness gives the whole book a really good feeling to it. The addition of the collies is lovely and not just some throw-away plot device, they’re quite central to the story.

Readers who enjoy animal stories or military-based/veteran stories will enjoy this and with only a few friendly kisses it’s easily an inspirational, story safe for people of all ages.

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