A Bargain Struck by Liz Harris

A Bargain Struck by Liz Harris
Publisher: Choc-Lit
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (321 pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Stephantois

Does a good deal make a marriage?

Widower Connor Maguire advertises for a wife to raise his young daughter, Bridget, work the homestead and bear him a son.

Ellen O’Sullivan longs for a home, a husband and a family. On paper, she is everything Connor needs in a wife. However, it soon becomes clear that Ellen has not been entirely truthful.

Will Connor be able to overlook Ellen’s dishonesty and keep to his side of the bargain? Or will Bridget’s resentment, the attentions of the beautiful Miss Quinn, and the arrival of an unwelcome visitor, combine to prevent the couple from starting anew.

As their personal feelings blur the boundaries of their deal, they begin to wonder if a bargain struck makes a marriage worth keeping.

Set in Wyoming in 1887, a story of a man and a woman brought together through need, not love …

It’s been awhile since I’ve read a historical novel set in the Old West and I’m glad I found A Bargain Struck. It’s a sweet story of two people both healing from the pain of losing their spouses and learning to trust and love again.

The author did a great job setting the scene of what Wyoming was like in the 1880s. From the opening scene when Ellen arrives via stagecoach to her journey to Connor’s homestead, I got a sense of what life was like and the hardship working and living on the land must have been like.

And like all good western stories there are the villains, the cattle rustlers, and the conniving beauty who you hope gets what she deserves.

All the characters, not just Ellen and Connor, were well developed and believable. I felt myself cheering for Ellen as soon as she was introduced in the story. You know it’s all going to work out for everyone but the fun is getting to that point in the story.

If like me, you’re looking to take a once in a while break from contemporary novels, I think you might find A Bargain Struck worth your time.


  1. Many thanks for that lovely review, Stephantois. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the novel. I loved writing it, and I absolutely hated having to say goodbye to Conn, Ellen and Bridget. Even to Niall!

  2. I loved this book, so much so in fact, that the characters stayed with me for some time. Always the sign of a good book! The Wyoming setting grabbed me from the very beginning, I felt the harsh elements of the winter and the dusty sweltering of the summer. Wonderful!

    • Many thanks for your comment, Berni. I loved the area in which I set the story, and I’m so glad that I managed to pass on a sense of the period and the lives that people would have lived at that time.

  3. I found this such a tender, touching story with two characters I took a real liking to, instantly and thoroughly. The background setting was so authentic. It was a beautiful book.

  4. I loved this novel, so fresh and original. Much authentic detail and a feisty heroine who engaged all my sympathy.

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