Sonar The Surge by B. Truly

Sonar The Surge by B. Truly
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure
Length: Full (275 pgs)
Heat: Spicy
Rated: 3 stars
Review by Rose

Eclipsed by darkness, the Romelands must face the ultimate quest. If they are forced toward the umbra peak, they will be completely obscured.

Symone struggles with her most challenging battles … the conflict within herself. Losing loved ones steals part of her soul. Despair has created a gaping hole where her heart should be. Symone doesn’t even recognize herself. She has to determine if this is the person she’s turned into, or if it is who she has always been.

Nile is an attractive aristocrat whose charm and arrogance drives Symone insane. Beyond Symone’s control, Nile is spun into her life. But she’s not sure if she can have a relationship with him or where that could lead her. Embracing love could make her whole again, but it may also destroy her. Symone must travel through the opaque light in order to find where her destiny lies.

Symone’s family, Shiray and Syira, continue to fight in the feuds of their galaxy. Together they have to find the balance between compassion and sacrifice. Kadanans are being held captive, and they hold the fate of their world in their hands. They have only begun to understand the consequences of the devastating realities of war.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, is the philosophy the Romelands now abide by. With chaos and turmoil at every corner, they may forget what is worth fighting for. The surge for power has erupted. Only the strongest race will be left standing.

This book is the last of a trilogy and is the culmination of action that occurred during the first two books – the end of a war that has been raging between two different worlds. While it would probably increase your enjoyment of the book to have read the previous two books, it’s not completely necessary.  There’s character development and responses between the characters from this book that starts in the previous books, but this one was still enjoyable and understandable as it stands.

I did not get as fully immersed in the story as I would have liked, but instead I felt more like I was on the outside looking in.  That’s a result of the story having too much “telling” and not enough “showing”. That said, I enjoyed the story itself and could definitely see this as a television show or movie. It reminded me in tone of some of the space operas I’ve enjoyed in the past.

The plot line was interesting and held my attention, even though I did not connect with the characters as much as I’d hoped—it would be interesting to this reader to go back and discover what the war was actually all about in the beginning.


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