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The Devil's Den by Gracen Miller
Firedrake's Weyr
Full length, M/F
Review by Amaranth



Who wants to live forever? Going once…going twice. Sold to the blonde in the front row! Or maybe you would rather reveal the story of a lifetime to the world? But, ask yourself, is it worth risking your life? It was the opportunity of a lifetime, or so Meredith told her best friend, Serena. It had Serena thinking Meredith was finally eligible for the looney-bin. Meredith was talking about monsters and fairytales. So, when Meredith disappeared, there was only one thing Serena could do, take matters into her own hands and investigate the local criminal hotspot, The Devil’s Den. The bar was as seedy and decadent as reputed. And the creature she found there—Six was his first, middle and last name—was nothing short of terrifying, his abilities completely defying logic. Yet, it was easier for Serena to pretend he was not all that he claimed.

Born over three thousand years ago, nothing could have prepared Six for the sudden unexplainable desire he felt toward the human woman, Serena. Spoiled by the powers he possesses, Six is arrogant and cocky and completely without morals. And all he wants is Serena.

♥ ♥ ♥

The Devil’s Den is an excellent read, from beginning to end.  Author Gracen Miller has created a great vampire story with a complex plot and unbelievably strong characters.  Serena is a strong, beautiful woman.  She lives life on her own terms and no one tells her what to do.  Six is a very old and powerful vampire, who enjoys his evil ways and does not apologize to anyone or care how anyone else feels.  That is until he meets Serena.  She is so powerful, in not only her beauty and physical strength, but also her mental strength.  Ms. Miller did such a wonderful job of describing the setting, which I felt as though I were watching a movie, rather than reading a book.  Her talent with words and descriptions continually impressed me.

The Devil’s Den has a very strong and intriguing story line, but also has a few smaller storylines interwoven into the main plot.  When they were introduced, it was a bit confusing and unexpected, but the characters and story were so good, I didn’t give it much of a second thought.  That was the only thing that threw me about this book.  I truly enjoyed everything about this book and can not give it higher praise.

I highly recommend this book for anyone, especially if you enjoy hot vampire romance!  Bravo, Ms. Miller!

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