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Hunting Evil by B.J. McCall
Changeling Press
Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi
Short Story, M/F
Review by Poppy


The Interplanetary Ministry has hired Maxim Sange to capture Tarrand, an elusive criminal. Others have tried to capture the evil shape-shifter and all have died trying. Maxim is Vazan Shield’s best hunter and if he delivers Tarrand the bounty is huge.

Only one person knows the shape-shifter well enough to find him, Tarrand’s beautiful ex-lover, Zoe Storm. Although he doesn’t trust her, Maxim needs her. Although he shouldn’t desire her, his body doesn’t always obey.

Zoe is willing to do anything to get out of prison and destroy, even deceive a sexy vampire.

Two hunters join forces, but once they capture evil all the rules have changed.

♥ ♥ ♥

This hot, well-written and engaging story had me hooked from the first word!

Zoe has been in prison, in solitary, for far too long and with no hope of release ... until she's called before the parole board and offered a chance of a pardon.  There's a catch -- she has to help find her ex-lover, Tarrand, the shifter who is responsible for her incarceration.  No one who has pursued Tarrand has survived, but Zoe decides that death is preferable to life in prison.

Zoe is sensual and sexual from the first.  Immediately upon release from her cell, she cleans up, changes clothes and jumps the bones of her vampire keeper, Agent Maxim Sange, thus ending her sexual drought.  Sange is well up to the challenge, and enjoys every last minute, despite the full knowledge that he shouldn't get involved with Zoe, either physically or emotionally.

Packed with action, written with great skill, full of hot, hot sex that moves the plot along, BJ McCall has penned a winner.  My one complaint is that Tarrand's capture seemed a bit too ... easy, considering that he'd been eluding the law for so very long. Still, it wasn't entirely unbelievable, and the end of the story contained one great twist that I absolutely wasn't expecting.

Throw in a "hopefully ever after" ending, and you have a book to engage you over and over again.  I hope to find more stories with Agent Sange and Zoe.  Their relationship promises much excitement (thanks to two very strong willed characters) and lots of growing room.

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