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Acacia 1:  Abducting Aeron by L. Shannon
Changeling Press
Paranormal, Futuristic, Action/Adventure
Short Story, M/F
Review by Dandelion



Aeron, a vampire spy, has been assigned to one of Rahla’s blood donation centers to seek intelligence about the disappearance of Acacian agents from the resistance. When his cover is blown and he finds himself facing certain death at the hands of the Rahla Peace Officers -- known as the Reapers. His only salvation may be his human, planet side contact, Helia. Despite her sister’s dire warnings, Helia is drawn to Aeron. She offers him her support, her blood and her body. She finds Aeron addictive, but if she follows him back to Acacian moon colony, she fears she’ll become no more than his human blood slave. How much will she willingly sacrifice to stay by his side?

♥ ♥ ♥

Sparks fly from the moment Aeron and Helia meet, though they live in different worlds – literally.  Still, the fact that Aeron’s come from his native colony to the planet Rahla, all to help find Helia’s father, makes their connection that much more meaningful.    Though Aeron and Helia waste no time enjoying each other, emotionally as well as physically,  it’s only a matter of time before Aeron is kidnapped by the Reapers (translation: enemy of vampire spies).  From that moment on, these two are outrunning the enemy at every turn. 

Aeron and Helia’s connection is definitely believable, and both characters are pretty well developed.  Because of the short story length, though, the author doesn’t have a lot of time to fully develop scenes or conflicts.  Any bumps that Aeron and Helia experience resolve quickly, and I never really doubted that they’d end up safe and together. 

The world building is solid here, though it takes a little while to get settled at the beginning.  By the second chapter, though, we’re fully engaged in the world of Rahla.   Fans of paranormal/fantasy will find a good, quick erotic read in “Aeron’s Abduction.”
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