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Jule Reigh and the Jim Stone Affair by Lani Aames
Changeling Press
Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Short Story, M/F, BDSM
Review by Buttercup


Juliet Reigh, on her first solo assignment as an Interpol agent, is hot on the trail of the international jewel thief known as Jim Stone, and Jule is determined to get her man. Stone is suspected of stealing the necklace containing the Pink Ecstasy, a heart-cut pink diamond weighing in at 69.69 carats. Legend says the Pink Ecstasy’s owner and partner will experience the most sexual and sensual delights ever imagined.

Following and gathering intel on Stone are relatively easy and might be boring if Jule didn’t have sexual fantasies about the handsome thief to pass the time. When Jule is caught red-handed, Stone ties her up and tortures her to make her talk… except the so-called torture fulfills all of Jule’s sexual fantasies.

Can an Interpol agent and an international jewel thief get past their differences and have the happily-ever-after every couple craves? Find out in the thrilling sexcapade of Jule Reigh and the Jim Stone Affair!

 ♥ ♥ ♥

Interpol agent, Jule Reigh, goes after the notorious jewel thief, Jim Stone, who is suspected of stealing the priceless Pink Ecstasy, a heart-shaped pink diamond necklace with a erotic reputation for giving the owner and partner their ultimate sexual fantasies.  Jule wants this man for two reasons, career advancement and legend research.  Does the necklace really live up to its reputation?  And wouldn’t it be fun to bed this very sexy thief after observing him and fantasizing about him for so long?

Our story begins in a restaurant with Jule observing and, just to keep things interesting, she indulges in a bit of fantasy about the sexy subject, Jim Stone, when the tables turn and Jule becomes the unwitting captive and subject of her quarry’s attention.  Things heat up between the two in the cover of a grove of potted palms and progress to Stone’s hotel room.  Desire and need overrules Jule’s fear at being fingered as an Interpol agent in the crafty hands of the international thief.  He tortures her beyond her wildest sexual desires only to leave her hanging on the edge time after time. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this read.  Even with some rambling backstory and a couple of minor editing bungles, this story kept me glued and turning pages.  Ms. Aames really has a handle on imagery and sensory stimulation that enables the reader to drop right into the thick of things, in this case the sexual tension.  And I must say, I was in for quite a surprise as the story took a completely unexpected twist at the end. 

I highly recommend this story for a wonderfully erotic and satisfying journey into sexual fantasy.  I will definitely be looking for more from this author.

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