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Bad Nights by Rebecca York

Bad Nights by Rebecca York
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (324 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

You Only Get a Second Chance…

Private operative and former Navy SEAL Jack Brandt barely escaped a disastrous undercover assignment, thanks to the most intriguing woman he’s ever met. When his enemies track him to her doorstep, he’ll do anything to protect Morgan from the danger closing in on them both…

If You Stay Alive…

Since her husband’s death, Morgan Rains has only been going through the motions. She didn’t think anything could shock her—until she finds a gorgeous man stumbling naked and injured through the woods behind her house. He’s mysterious, intimidating—and undeniably compelling.

Thrown together into a pressure cooker of danger and intrigue, Jack and Morgan are finding in each other a reason to live—if they can survive.

Terror, torture, and temptation play leading roles in Bad Nights. Both Morgan Rains and Jack Brandt are trying to get away. Jack is running from torture and impending death while Morgan has run to the pre-Civil War cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains to escape the sorrow and pain of her husband’s death.

Two more unlike people would be hard to find. Morgan teaches psychology in a small college. Jack, a retired SEAL works at Rockfort Security, a company he and his two partners, Shane Gallagher and Max Lyon formed. They do secret contract work for the government. He had been working undercover inside The Real American Militia (RAM). His cover was blown by some unknown source. Wade Trainer, the head of RAM wants him dead.

Morgan reluctantly drags the unconscious Jack in out of the snow to keep him from freezing and is not sure she did the right thing. When he comes to, he notes her lovely feminine attributes. But, most of all he notes her soft gentle touch. He is a tough, decisive, competent, action man that Morgan learns has a tender side that comforts her.

When the cabin is sprayed with bullets from assault rifles, he breaks protocol and tells Morgan who he is. She gets them out of the cabin in a most unusual way, but then must depend on his skills to keep them alive. The gun fire sets off his PTSD from his horrific experience in Afghanistan making Morgan wonder just who she had cast her lot with.

The plot is gripping. What kind of destruction does RAM have planned, who is financing it, what’s the motivation? Another thought is who in the government hired Rockfort Security to infiltrate RAM to gather information, what group or agency in the government is paying Rockfort Security?

Jack’s partners Shane and Max come to the rescue eager to be in the middle of the fray, while Morgan wishes she were anyplace rather than in the fray. When Wade Trainer’s group captures her, the nail biting time escalates to fever pitch. The daring, seemingly impossible rescue had me wide awake and reading like crazy to help save Morgan from being tortured by Wade Trainer. Her resourcefulness amazes. She is no pushover even in the most hopeless looking situations.

The love scenes so opposite the slash and kill cruelty makes one sigh at the ecstasy then the peace, the rightness of it. With her skills, Morgan helps Jack come to terms with his PTSD and he helps her find peace about the untimely death of her husband.

Rebecca York makes her characters work hard to get to their happy-ever-after. Bad Nights is a heart-in-throat thriller and a soul-satisfying romance—a fantastic read!

Have Stake, Will Travel by Rebecca Leigh

Have Stake, Will Travel by Rebecca Leigh
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Genre: Contemp, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (165 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Morning Glory

Orion Masters is no ordinary slayer, she’s a dhampir—half vampire—and she uses her superhuman abilities to her advantage.

After all, a girl’s gotta make a living.

But her life takes a dramatic u-turn on a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The balmy nights of paradise hold a forbidden temptation. Hot, steamy sex with Julian Hunter.

Like Orion, Julian is a slayer. Unlike Orion, Julian is a pure blood. Their paths cross on the hunt and Orion finds herself unable to control the allure of Julian’s seductive powers. Yielding to her body’s instinctive, passionate reaction to Julian, she discovers the erotic lure of heritage, shared blood, and destiny.

This book is like Buffy on steroids.

A unique look at the slayer, vampire dynamic. Orion is a vampire slayer and a dhampire or half vampire. Being a dhampire gives her special powers which she can use against the vampires. These powers give her a slight advantage in her line of work, letting her know who’s a vampire and who isn’t. I liked this take on vampires and dhampires. It was a fresh view on vampires and slayers. I enjoyed Orion, she’s a tough no nonsense type gal who does her job and does it well. Julian is the sexy as sin, pure blood vampire who kills his own kind. These two have an instant connection, that lights up the pages.

I like that Orion was skeptical of Julian at first yet gave into her carnal needs anyway. What I didn’t like was the sexual banter before and during every fight they took on together. Also, in the beginning Orion was this tough, indestructible woman and then when Julian entered the scene she became a vampire punching bag. I think Julian threw her off her game. Don’t get me wrong, Julian did his part, but he also did a fair share of distracting Orion.

Ms. Leigh did a great job of keeping me interested in the story. I wanted to know how the whole thing was going to end. I have to say Ms. Leigh writes one mean sex scene and her fight scenes weren’t half bad either. Her skill at writing really made me care what happened to Orion.

If you like a well put together hot vampire story check this book out.

Banging the Superhero by Rebecca Royce

Banging the Superhero by Rebecca Royce
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (124 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Ace Hudson has worked for his brother, Draco, at Powers, Inc. since it opened. Spending his days trying to balance his job with taking care of his teenage brother, Lael, he uses his nights to overcome the overabundance of adrenaline in his body that makes him lose control. He also has a secret crush on a celebrity chef who makes home-cooked meals look sexier than anything he has ever seen.

Alice Styles runs an empire based on her ability to make people want to eat what she cooks. When she is nearly killed on live television in a situation straight out of one of her childhood nightmares, she reluctantly asks Ace Hudson to help keep her safe.

Starting out with instant dislike and finding their way to mutual pleasure, Ace and Alice do not have an easy path to love. But their egos and personal barriers are nothing compared to the looming threat just waiting for a moment to possess Alice.

When snark turns into honey and a hero grows up and becomes the man he’s destined to be is when romance is at its finest.

Banging the Superhero turned out to be better than the previous book and I thought that one was really good. Ms. Royce made this story even more romantic and adorable and funny, and I had a ball reading it.

The very first time a reader meets Alice it’s like a skit from “When Good Toasters Go Bad”. You know, like in Toy Story where the toys come to life except here it’s appliances. Unlike that Disney movie, the blender and stove are not sentient; they’re just very cool tools being used to scare the panties off of the heroine. It is serious stuff for her but for me the reader, I found it darkly hilarious.

Alice is a hard person to fathom because I both liked her and was irritated by her sometimes in the same scene. I guess she can’t help it. Her personality has a quirk that rears up every time she’s scared which pushes people away at the time she actually needs them the most. She’s contrary and a challenge to anyone who ends up falling in love with her. She also thinks “family’ should be a four letter word and a reader finds out why during the course of the book. I have to say they were interesting conflict dynamics.

Enter Ace. He’s a true hero who goes around pointing at televisions and they turn on. No more locating the hidden remote for him; no clapper needed. He’s a handy hero to have around which is a good thing for Alice. At least Ace thought he would be until she opened her mouth. What a great moment in the story. He thinks she’s going to be one way and reality smacks him aside the head – poof goes his fantasy. In its place is a real woman with real issues and Ace has his hands full because getting to know her makes him face his own faults and internal conflicts. I knew of one of his issues because of the previous story but it really gets explored and explained a bit more here so this tale stands on its own just fine.

What I found most beautiful and touching about this story is that it clearly has overtones of one of my favorite stories, The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry. I can’t get any clearer than that – sacrifice for love is the true measure of their commitment.

As for the external conflict and villain, well one is a wuss and the other a complete shock. I liked that I was surprised. Also Lael, Ace’s brother has some nice scenes which show his growth as a character. I expect someday to read about a story with him all grown up and finding his own HEA. As it is, the happily ever after between Ace and Alice is well written, delightfully romantic and hard won.

If a reader is looking for an entertaining romance with excitement and humor, grab a seat and curl up with Banging the Superhero because it delivers the goods. The characters are likeable once you get to know them and the couch practically combusts from their passion. I had a fun time and look forward to the next adventure from Ms. Royce.

Poppy – Meet Our Reviewers and Win Prizes

Merry Chwinter blogfest banner copyristmas and welcome to a chance to meet our reviewers! Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a grand prize of a $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift card, with runnerup prizes of a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card, or one of four book/swag prize packs (US only).

Why did you become a reviewer?

Because it seemed as if the majority of reviews were for NYT publishers (not small press) and also that many reviewers thrived on being unkind/snarky. The no-snark policy of Long and Short Reviews appealed to me. Since I love to read and talk about books, it seemed like a no-brainer.

What are your favorites genres to read in and why?

Nearly everything. I prefer romance, typically, but also read young adult, mysteries, science fiction and my first love was fantasy, so I still read quite a bit of that as well. I’ve found lately that young adult fiction is some of the most intriguing and well written, so that’s on my nightstand quite a bit.

What book in your youth made a big impression on you and why?

The first real books I remember reading were The Hobbit (I did a book report in fourth grade for that book), Black Beauty (this kept me company during a week-long illness, during which I read it about fifteen times) and Where The Red Fern Grows, the first (and last) book I voluntarily read that had a sad ending. I don’t read books with unhappy endings any more if I can help it (and, yes, sometimes I peek to make sure).

Do you have any “bad book habits”? Dog Ear? Reading in the tub or while eating? Breaking the spine?

Does reading the end before I read the rest of the book count? I do this with a lot of books outside the romance genre. I hate unhappy endings, so avoid them at all cost. I do re-read my favorite books a LOT, so they tend to fall apart, but really, I do my best to avoid abuse.

What is one thing we would be most surprised to learn about you?

I know how to milk a goat. LOL!

What is something that makes you stop reading a book?

Aside from finding out it doesn’t end happily (am I sounding like a broken record?) hmmmm…. characters that are TSTL, bad writing or editing, a completely implausible plot or no conflict. Actually, quite a bit stops me from reading a book … I have very little extra time any more, so you have to grab me and keep me because life is too short to waste on bad books.

What book do you think should be made into a movie? Why?

I’ve heard rumors that the Dragonriders of Pern series is going to be filmed — that would be one. It was my first adult fantasy series (read as a teen, but not written for teens) and as long as they don’t ruin it, I’ll be first in line for tickets. Otherwise, there are dozens of YA books I could name. Thankfully, it seems as if many ARE being made (Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner) and that makes me very happy, especially since they are doing a pretty decent job on those (unlike the Mortal Instruments and Percy Jackson movies, which were terrible adaptations).

What would you choose as a superpower? why?

Teleportation. My friends and family are all over the country and flying is just a pain. I’d love to be able to pop in and say hi whenever I wanted! The ability to live without sleeping would be handy. Or to eat anything without gaining weight… but if I had to choose one, it would be teleportation.

If you could spend a day with anyone from history, dead or alive, who would it be, and what would you do? What would you ask them?

My dad … he died twenty years ago and I miss him. I’d really love to spend one more day with him and say all the things we didn’t get to say. It would be cool if he could meet his granddaughter, too!

What were your top ten books you reviewed for LASR in 2014?

Citadel of Fire by Matthew Wolf

The Meatball Mistress by Tiffany N. York

Happy Medium by Meg Benjamin

Country Roads by Nancy Herkness

The Green Rose by Stephanie Burkhart

The Prosecutor by Adrienne Giordano

Savage Deception by RT Wolfe

A Shadow on the Ground by Rebecca Lee Smith

What Echoes Render by Tamsen Schultz

Heart on a String by Susan Soares

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Guest Blog: Paisley Smith

Fresh Blood

When Delilah Devlin first opened submissions for Girls Who Bite, she encouraged contributors to investigate vampire myths from around the world, looking for something fresh to add to the pantheon of vampire romance. She wanted the stories to be varied and unexpected. Fresh blood, so to speak.

Vampire romance has made a resurgence. Why are these fantastical creatures so alluring? A few of the contributors know.

How did you get interested in paranormal romance?

“I enjoy reading paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi. Short stories give me an opportunity to play with other genres.” ~ Karis Walsh

“I enjoy love, love, love paranormal romances. Different worlds, strange creatures ,make it fun and familiar emotions make it real.” ~ Myla Jackson

“I thought I was a stranger to paranormal beings, until I realized that the stories I grew up on were full of them—dangerous lights over woodland ponds; la llorona, the weeping woman; las brujas who could become birds at night.” ~ Anna Meadows

“I love paranormal anything! And romance is the cherry on top.” ~ Victoria Oldham

“I got into horror movies at a very early age. Werewolves, vampires witches and ghosts all had a huge appeal for me. It wasn’t until I was much older that I discovered romance and learned that these elements were combined. I fell in love!” ~ Christine d’Abo

“I’ve always loved vampires and werewolves and things of that nature. So love of these things was the impetus for me to try my hand at paranormal romance.” ~ Regina Jamison

“All things magical fascinate me and have since I first saw The Wizard of Oz.” ~ Paisley Smith

“I grew up in a household of avid science fiction and fantasy readers. We read books as a family most nights after dinner. I was one of those kids who read under the covers with a flashlight when I was supposed to be asleep. When I started writing fiction as an adult, I naturally gravitated to paranormal stories.” – Adele Dubois

“I’ve always been interested in ghosts and vampires, remnants of the past. Other paranormal forms don’t interest me at all, but my love of history makes me fascinated by beings who bring the past into the present. And vampires are sexy, so the romance part just comes naturally. There’s not many vampire stories that don’t contain some element of romance, or sexual transgression, even going back to the old Gothic novels of the nineteenth century, which I have studied in depth.” ~ Rebecca S. Buck

Do you only write lesbian fiction? If not, what else do you write?

“I write – and love to read – lesbian romance novels.” ~ Karis Walsh

The Gift of Lilith is my first lesbian story. I’ve written other books and novellas including girl-on-girl action, but this is my first totally lesbian and will not be my last! It was fun and I can totally get the attraction. And love is love no matter your gender or persuasion. ~ Myla Jackson

“Just about everything I write is about women in love. Those women are often, though not always, in love with other women. Female passion most captures and holds my attention as a writer.” ~ Anna Meadows

“I write primarily lesbian fiction, because I like to identify with my characters, and I find lesbian romance/ erotica incredibly hot.” ~ Victoria Oldham

“I tend to split my time fairly evenly between writing m/f and m/m. I’ve only recently started writing f/f and am loving it.” ~ Christine d’Abo

“I write lesbian fiction, poetry, children’s stories, and regular fiction. I like to try my hand at various aspects of writing.” ~ Regina Jamison

“I write lesbian and bi-sexual erotic romance in a variety of genres from historical to contemporary to paranormal.” ~ Paisley Smith

The Crystal Altar is my first lesbian tale, though I’ve written girl on girl sex scenes in some of my mainstream erotic romance novels. I’m straight, and have been married and monogamous for twenty-five years. The Crystal Altar was a fun foray into writing something different and new. I think women are very sexy and I’m confident enough in my own sexuality to experiment with my characters. I hope straight women will also enjoy reading the stories in Girls Who Bite. Our heroines interact with vampires! What could be more exotic or exciting?” ~ Adele Dubois

“My published novels Truths and Ghosts of Winter (published by Bold Strokes Books) are both lesbian fiction, as is my forthcoming (in 2012) The Locket and the Flintlock. Since I’m gay myself, it comes naturally to write lesbian characters. I tend to think of my writing as not so much “lesbian fiction”, as general/literary/historical fiction with lesbian characters in it. However, I have a wide range of interests, both in fiction and non-fiction, and I don’t like to be put in a box, so I can see myself branching out!” ~ Rebecca S. Buck

Do you have anything else readers of Girls Who Bite might like to read?

“My first lesbian romance, Harmony, was recently released by Bold Strokes Books. Worth the Risk will be published in January, 2012.” ~ Karis Walsh

“I have great chemistry going on between two female characters in my book Duty Bound at Samhain Publishing. It’s sexy and very tender. ~ Myla Jackson

“For more woman-on-woman, try my stories in the last two editions of Best Lesbian Romance (Cleis Press, 2010 and 2011), as well as the next edition, out in January 2012. For women in love with men, I have stories coming out this fall in the anthologies Red Velvet and Absinthe: Paranormal Erotic Romance and Steamlust: Steampunk Erotic Romance (both Cleis Press). My fellow GWB contributors also have an incredible range of work out there—just about anything a girl could want on her nightstand!” ~ Anna Meadows

“This is my fifth lesbian erotic story, including Women in Uniform. I have another paranormal coming out in the spring (a succubus romance). I’m a full time lesbian fiction editor, so I get to spend all my time in lesbian fantasy land.” ~ Victoria Oldham

“I’ve recently send out a new f/f story for submission and I have a m/f/f story in the works. I hope they will both be out in 2012.” ~ Christine d’Abo

“If they’re looking for more erotica they can read my story in Zane’s Purple Panties entitled – Mom’s Night Out. I have another lesbian erotica story that I’m waiting to hear about in terms of publication.” ~ Regina Jamison

“Writing Girls Who Bite inspired Delilah Devlin and me to pen a series of erotic, lesbian paranormals. Our series, Femme Noir, features sexy, kinky heroines and real-life vampire, Elizabeth Bathory. The first in the series, Bitten in the Big Easy, will be a September 2011, Ellora’s Cave release.” ~ Paisley Smith

“I have a backlist of titles with heterosexual heroes and heroines. However, the heroine in my newest release REV ME TWICE is bi-sexual. Though she is in love with the story hero, she likes to mix things up with the occasional F/F/M ménage and parties involving multiple partners. REV ME TWICE is my most experimental novella to date. Crystal, the REV ME TWICE heroine, knows what she wants and likes and isn’t afraid to indulge her fantasies. I admire her for that. Readers and reviewers say they love this story because it’s not afraid to be different. My booklist appears on my website at” ~ Adele Dubois

“My novels, Truths and Ghosts of Winter (from Bold Strokes Books), both contain lesbian romance and historical fiction, interwoven with modern stories. My lesbian short stories (not paranormal) have appeared in Breathless: Tales of Celebration (Bold Strokes Books, 2010) and Best Lesbian Romance 2011 (Cleis Press, 2011). If anyone wants to find out more about me, I blog regularly:” ~ Rebecca S. Buck

Who is your favorite literary or movie vampire?

“My favorite paranormal books are the four in the Night Watch series by Sergei Lukyanenko. Brilliant books, set in modern-day Moscow.” ~ Karis Walsh

Actually, I loved my vampire in Sex, Lies and Vampire Hunters, a book I wrote for Ellora’s Cave Publishing. She’s funny, sexy and new at it. ~ Myla Jackson

“Most of the ones I know are traditional stories with roots in Mesoamerican mythology, but I’m having a great time learning about vampire legends from around the world!” ~ Anna Meadows

“Though I hate to admit it, I’m a huge devotee of the Twilight saga. I think the romance aspects are utterly true to the genre, and Edward is femme enough I can picture him as a butch! And of course, I love Winter Pennington’s vampires, who ooze sensuality.” ~ Victoria Oldham

“I loved Gary Oldman as Dracula, but I was also a big fan of Ben Cross as Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows.” ~ Christine d’Abo

“My favorite movie vampire is Gary Oldman in Dracula. I LOVE that movie! I’ve seen it so many times! My favorite vampire story is by Octavia Butler – Fledgling. Fantastic read.” ~ Regina Jamison

“The variety of vampires on the HBO True Blood series and in the Charlaine Harris books is great! I mean Elvis as a vampire? Ha! Anne Rice’s characters also shocked me when they first appeared on the scene. I loved how androgynous they were.” ~ Paisley Smith

“I’ve had a major crush on Brad Pitt for twenty years. What can I say? I’m the loyal type. His character Louis de Pointe du Lac in Interview with a Vampire will always be my favorite movie vamp, simply because Brad played the part.” ~ Adele Dubois

“Lestat from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles–as he is in the movie, Interview with the Vampire, but especially in the second novel, The Vampire Lestat. I’m also a massive fan of Carmilla, in J. Sheridan LeFanu’s Victorian short story of the same name, one of the first lesbian vampires!” ~ Rebecca S. Buck

Visit for more information about Delilah Devlin and all the GWB contributors!

About Girls Who Bite

GIRLS WHO BITE: Lesbian Vampire Erotica edited by Delilah Devlin Cleis PressISBN-10: 1573447153ISBN-13: 978-1573447157Format: Trade Paperback On Sale: September 13, 2011

For bad girls looking for love . . . fangs are more than an accessory.

These are no Twilight tales — the stories in Girls Who Bite are varied, unexpected, and soul-scorching. Best-selling romance writer Delilah Devlin and her contributors investigate vampire myths from around the world, and add fresh girl-on-girl blood to the pantheon of the paranormal.

Take a walk on the wild side with some of the hottest erotic romance authors out there. In “La Caida,” a Mexican “salt-eater” saves a fallen angel and redeems her own soul. In “Bloody Wicked,” a powerful witch’s spell to lure a lover turns her into a vampire’s love slave. Through a “Pet Door,” a shapeshifting vampire meets the dominatrix of her dreams. South African “Impundulu” sweeps you back to a vampire’s primeval beginnings. With a list of contributors that include Adele Dubois, Christine d’Abo, Paisley Smith, Myla Jackson, Shayla Kersten, and Vivi Anna, Devlin delivers a dark and sexy read you can sink your teeth into!

So, sit astride the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, sail with modern-day pirates, watch a meteor fall to earth, and taste the powdery wings of a Monarch butterfly. Not things you’d expect in a vampire tale? Then sip O-positive from a femoral artery while tugging at the silky strands of your lover’s hair. Eternally delicious.

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April 19, 1995. In the long heartbeat between 9:02 a.m. and 9:03 a.m., fate irrevocably changed my life. At the time, I was a forensic fire photographer attached to the airport fire department. That morning, I was home. A day off. A day to relax, do some housework, and to noodle around with a story floating in my imagination.

I’ve written my whole life. In my twenties, I tried a few magazine contests, wrote some dreadful novels, and worked on other careers. In my thirties, I wrote several novels that weren’t bad at all and I actively pursued publication. Those novels weren’t quite good enough. Marriage. Motherhood. A change in careers. I still wrote fiction—some finished, some not—but most of my writing veered into the technical realms of fire and law enforcement. In the back of my mind, I figured I’d pursue publication again. Sometime. Later. In the future. Time and The Future seemed so nebulous. I had all the time in the world.

Time. Time metered out by heartbeats. Tick-tock. Time clicking by in seconds.

The TV droned in the den as I poured another cup of coffee. Morning news switched to daytime programming. 9:00 a.m. The washing machine chugged, the swish of clothes a comforting sound. My two dogs, a Siberian Husky and a retired Search-and-Rescue Rottweiler, jumped to attention, staring out the back sliding glass door. I stared at them. A heartbeat. Two. More. The air boomed around me, actually rattling the glass in my house. I abandoned my coffee cup, sprinted to the bedroom and pulled on my work uniform—dark blue BDUs and boots. As I darted back through the house, I caught the breaking news report. I truly believed an airliner had crashed. I almost wish it had. The helicopter for one of the local news channels circled downtown Oklahoma City. The Murrah Federal Building looked like a giant had carved out a section of it. I was in my car and halfway there when my pager went off. My department was assigned to triage at the nearest hospital. I was ordered to the scene.

For the next two weeks, I did my job. I photographed. I documented. I shut off emotions and thought, relying completely on instinct. Later, the stories emerged. Those who lived and those who died were separated by a heartbeat.

Thump. Thump. Thumpity-thump. Blood pumping through a racing heart. Life. Death a heartbeat away.

My beloved father-in-law should have been in that building for a meeting with US-DOT—United States Department of Transportation. A phone call from the director of ODOT kept him at his desk ten minutes longer. His colleague, already in the US-DOT conference room, sat down facing the windows. The meeting started at 8:55.

Tick. Tick. Tick. Minutes slip away.

At 9:02, the front of the building disappeared. The difference between life and death depended on the choice of seats. Those with their backs to the windows disappeared in a wave of dust and destruction. Wives and husbands, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters said goodbye that morning for the last time. Forever, in the space of sixty heartbeats, turned to never.

Later, when I could deal with the enormity of the event, could sort through the overwhelming emotions locked in my chest, I knew I didn’t have forever. Dreams died in the sweep of a second hand on a clock that day. Fifteen years ago. Today. Fifteen years ago, I determined to make my dream come true. I would be a published author. Ten days ago, my debut novel, FAERIE FATE, released from The Wild Rose Press. Don’t let your dreams lie fallow. Don’t believe there’s always tomorrow. Don’t ever let those you care about leave without expressing your love for them. Those are the lessons I learned from April 19th.

In FAERIE FATE, both time and fate have their place. In FAERIE FATE, a woman and a man get the opportunity to do it over again, to get it right. In the real world, we don’t always have that chance. Love and laugh and live to your fullest.

Available now from The Wild Rose Press: FAERIE FATE by Silver James

If you could go back, do it over again, would you take a chance to find true love? What if you had no choice?

On her fiftieth birthday, the faerie catapult Rebecca Miller a thousand years into the past to find her happily ever after with Ciaran MacDermot, Chief of Clann MacDermot, the last Fenian warrior in his line. In the twenty-first century, Becca is old enough to be Ciaran’s mother. In the tenth, she’s young enough to be his bride.

The fae forgot to mention one slight stipulation. The lovers must be bound before the Festival of Light, or Becca will forever disappear into Tir Nan Óg, the faerie Land of the Ever Young. Will they discover the binding words before time runs out and they’re torn apart forever? Or will their eternal love defeat their Faerie Fate?

Without the words, history is doomed to repeat itself.


The little clock she’d received as a present on her twenty-fifth birthday whirred and chimed the time. One small, tinkling chime. Two. Finally, twelve in all. Midnight between March twentieth and March twenty-first. The vernal equinox. The day when light and dark, good and evil, love and hate all balanced on the finely tuned axis of mother earth.

Voices, strange with lilting accents, whispered somewhere in the darkness of her dream.


“She sleeps,” said a soft voice, feminine, one Becca didn’t recognize.

“Aye.” The second voice was deep, male, arrogant.

“Will she remember?”

“Nay, she’ll not.”

“How then will she know what to do?”

“She’ll know.” He sounded confident.

“What of him?”

“Aye, he’ll definitely know now. He should have known the last time, but she was too afraid, and he was too full of himself.”

“What is so different this time?” She was skeptical.

“She was young then, not matched well to him. Now, she’s no young soul. She’s had all those lives without him, the lonely nights, and the ache in her heart for all time. This time, she has courage born in the fires of suffering. She’ll know not to run from him, but to him.”

“You’re sure with the knowing of it this time?”


“And, if it doesn’t work?”

“Ciaran dies. Again.”

A sharp intake of breath came from the woman. “That cannot happen. Too much went wrong the first time.”


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Nashville Naughty by Bethany Michaels

Nashville Naughty by Bethany Michaels
Publisher: Ravenous Romances
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Full Length (183 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Bad girl Becca Shaw likes her men hot, hard and temporary. But when Dillon Phillips, lead guitarist of an up-and-coming Nashville band, moves in to help her make rent, what starts off as a simple financial arrangement soon gives a whole new meaning to “staying in” for the night.

Full of long autumn nights and plenty of Southern heat, the new arrangement is just another in a string of naughty adventures for Becca. But Dillon’s desires run deeper and once commitment-phobic Becca realizes she might not be ready to give up her hot cowboy lover, she has to face not only demons from her past but one very unexpected development threatening their future.

Rebecca “Becca” Shaw is a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of girl, except there is no love involved. Becca’s dysfunctional family background has made her decide love is for saps, and she is no sap.

When her roommate and best friend finds the love of her life, Becca is one roomie short. Nice guy Dillon Phillips is a guitar player in the band Road Kill, and the only male in Nashville that hasn’t seen Becca naked. When they decide to share Becca’s apartment, things seem to be working out terrific. At least Becca thinks so. But Dillon has started to feel things for Becca, things she will want no part of if she finds out. Can Dillon keep his growing feelings to himself to keep Becca’s friendship? Can Becca ever change, and return Dillon’s feelings? Will Dillon live down to Becca’s expectations and disappoint her, like everyone else has in her life?

Becca Shaw is definitely a character. Strong and independent, she takes no prisoners. But there are flashes of the vulnerability she tries so hard to hide, throughout the story.

Dillon is the classic Mr. Nice Guy; sweet, dependable and honest through and through. Bethany Michaels has created a wonderful twist on the love story. Instead of the “nice” girl changing the bad boy, she gives us the reverse. And it works. Becca is wonderful and fun, and Dillon is a surprise to her as well. The sparks between them are hot, and when Becca finally gives in to Dillon and her own urges, the action is volcanic.

There are some twists on the way to the happy ever after, but they do get there. I love Becca and her dysfunctional sister and mother, and the story is one I really enjoyed. I would recommend this to anyone who wants something just a little bit different. It is a terrific reading experience and hot, hot, hot.