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Worth Her Weight in Gold by Lynn Lovegreen

Worth Her Weight in Gold by Lynn Lovegreen
Publisher: Prism Book Group
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical
Length: Short Story (39 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

Ada Weiss is content to sing with her family at the new Juneau Opera House. But when she meets miner Tom Hickok, she wonders if there’s more to life than the stage. For Tom, Ada is more precious than all the gold in the Treadwell Mine, but he doubts a regular guy has a chance with a beautiful singer. When a mob threatens to run their friend China Joe out of town, Ada and Tom work together and learn what their true characters really are.

Ada Weiss sings with her family to entertain the miners at the Juneau Opera House. She has one young man who comes to visit even if she isn’t singing. The bartender or her brother chaperone them. Tom Hickok can play the piano, too, and he even plays some songs for her. They play tunes together on the piano and make music themselves while doing so. But is he serious about her? And would she consider a man of less status than she has?

The author writes a nice western town tale here of an innocent romance that grows into something stronger with time. The main characters are sweet, but they also have their own sense of right and wrong and are willing to defend it. When Tom visits a bit too much to please his boss, he’s asked work ten days straight. He agrees, already regretting the time that will be lost. His boss makes him feel better by telling him he can write to his lady.

Ms. Lovegreen writes of the prejudice shown the Chinamen working at the mines. Unfortunately, this is a historical fact that still exists in today’s society. The color of the faces may have changed but it’s still here. Being different is often seen as being bad. She demonstrates this by having the Chinese mineworkers run out of camp and being sent to another location. She adds it to the story of Ada and Tom by having them defend China Joe, who owns a shop near the opera house.

This is a sweet, easy tale to read. It reminds of you times in the past when chaperones were necessary and no one married without their parent’s permission. I found myself rooting for Tom before the story was done. I bet you do, too.

Fool’s Gold by Lynn Lovegreen

Fool’s Gold by Lynn Lovegreen
Publisher: Prism Book Group
Genre: Historical, YA
Length: Full Length (198 pgs)
Age recommendation: 14+
Rated: 4 stars
Reviewed by Snapdragon

Alaska’s gold rush is no place for a lady, but that doesn’t scare Ellie Webster. Ellie travels with her younger brother to the wilds of the Klondike gold rush to save the family farm. She’s prepared for hardship on the trail, but not for the sparkling blue eyes of Duke Masterson, a charming saloon keeper. And Duke is surprised to find that Ellie and her apple pies are more valuable to him than all the gold nuggets in Skagway, Alaska. Now if he could only overcome Ellie’s fear of losing her newly-found independence and win her heart. Together they must defeat the conman corrupting the town and make their fortunes before the last steamship of the season heads south.

Fool’s Gold is a sweet adventure and romance, set in the late nineteenth century Alaska.

Although not set on adventure, Ellie Webster and her brother are forced by circumstances to join the great Yukon gold rush.

Ellie hardly seems the type for such an adventure. She longs to be elegant, to be with the right people, even as she acknowledges she’s heading for a ‘rough place, full of rough characters.’ Duke Masterson is, right off, not the sort of person she plans to associate with – yet she hardly seems to grasp that where she is going is not full of ‘elegant people.’ Whether or not Duke has the best of intentions doesn’t even enter her head. She knows he’s handsome but she has her own goals.

Duke recognizes Ellie’s strength of character…but he knows the challenges they will all face on the trails north.

Their adventures start almost the minute they set off, and their relationship remains a bit rocky. Other characters pose somewhat unpredictable challenges and events change Ellie’s goals and outlook.

Although this starts off a touch slowly, reader’s interest in the characters steadily builds and you will read with greater and greater interest. The setting itself is enthralling, from the seas, wildlife, to Skagway and the very accurate description of The White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad.

Teens and young readers interested in the time period will enjoy Fool’s Gold.