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A Sacrificial Matter by Ilona Fridl

A Sacrificial Matter by Ilona Fridl
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical (1920s), Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short Story (84 pgs)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

A naked man in a graveyard… Detectives Amos and Sarah Darcy have dealt with quite a few unusual mysteries, but who cut down the naked man in the graveyard with a broadsword at midnight? When Sheriff Sam Lindsey calls on them to help solve the murder, Sarah risks her life to go undercover into a world of spiritualism and crime to find the murderer and the motive.

Amos and Sarah Darcy are called in by the local sheriff to help investigate a very strange death. Who on earth would kill a man with a broadsword and leave the body in a graveyard?

This is a really interesting book that captured my attention in the first few pages and didn’t let go. I haven’t read anything previously by this author and that is certainly my loss. Despite some old-fashioned language (which was a delightful surprise and lent the book an air of authenticity seeing as the time period is the 1920s) I caught on to almost everything very quickly and soon found myself completely involved in the story and Amos and Sarah in particular. The author has clearly gone to a lot of work and effort to make the setting and backdrop of her world authentic – like comments on how their brand new Oldsmobile was Amos’ pride and joy and Sarah had only just been “allowed” to drive it alone recently, or how they called a tape measure a “tape rule”, small things like this which made me pause, but I could quickly and easily understand what it meant. This is one of those few times jarring me during reading is welcome – it reminded me this story was set in the past and really gave it an air of a old-style mystery and greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the story.

I believe that this is not the first book with Amos and Sarah Darcy in it. Their relationship is already solidly formed and they are married and share a child. It’s clear they’ve been doing their detective work for quite some time. Despite this I entered this book cold (having never read anything by this author or about these characters before) and at no stage did I feel like I was left behind or lacking in back story. I admit to being incredibly curious about Amos and Sarah – I’d love to read more work about them when they first met, or the start of their relationship – but this actually proves to me just how well the story is written. I’m curious, wanting to know more. I’m not feeling as if I’ve been dropped in the middle of a story and world I don’t comprehend, it’s not a lost feeling – just an excitement to find a new author’s voice and characters I really enjoy. And that was a great pleasure for me.

While the plot and mystery was interesting, it wasn’t overly complex. There was a small hint of the occult/paranormal in that the murder had a few ritualistic items surrounding it. I enjoyed the interactions between the characters and found myself picking up the clues as the plot progressed. Readers who like deeply complex, multi-layered plots might find this one a bit light, but I personally found it satisfying when coupled with the interesting characters, the older style of background (the older speech patterns, older investigative patterns etc) and found this short story quite engaging and satisfying. While the love and affection between Amos and Sarah is obvious, they’re a well-settled character and the time setting doesn’t lend itself to any outrageous, outward shows of that love and affection. I’d happily recommend this story to my friends and just as easily my mother or grandmother. It’s a timeless classic style of mystery and an author I certainly plan to keep an eye out for. Recommended.

What’s love? Part 1

A first excursus into the world of feelings we simply refer to as love.

I like to study people and their relationships, trying to look at them from a different angle than usual. That’s why my books hardly ever talk about love, not in any traditional way, but if we boil it down to its basic ingredients, what’s love?

The question came up recently in answering to a friend of mine, a woman who at the age of 50 is trying to live with a man for the first time in her life and she’s having many problems coping with this new situation. Mostly used to her golden solitude, she told me how unresponsive she was to certain displays of affection. Dumbfounded, she lacks words and sweet gestures to answer to his declarations or in general, to reciprocate the feelings he lavishes on her. “I don’t know anything about love,” she complained, ”not how to receive it nor certainly how to give it back. I mean, I have feelings for this person, too, but how can I tell if it’s love?”

Well, not an easy answer, but in my own small way, I’ve tried describing it in my books, the hormonal tempest, the electric current tensing the muscles, the adrenaline coursing in the bloodstream, the pounding heart, the knotted stomach, sleepless nights, the emotional upheaval, the burning desire to be always with that one person, a raging fire consuming the very soul until nothing remains but the one we want. Somehow, it seems limiting to just call it love so in my books I always described to the context, not merely used the word, which sometimes is completely missing from my pages. But here are a few examples.

Sacrificial Sex

Since that first night, Mylos had found it impossible to live without Rowen. It was not just a matter of physical attraction, though its undeniable pull was irresistible. The odd man was so different from anyone else on Ashantarie that Mylos still wondered whether he was of their world at all. Naturally, Rowen was not very forthcoming about his origins, but soon Mylos discovered he did not care one bit to learn of his lover’s past. Up north was good enough for the Blood Divine since it described an undefined territory beyond Ashantarie’s boundaries that few had crossed. If Rowen really came from there, Mylos did not question too closely.
He loved having the young man around, see his smiling face even while working and especially touch him as often as possible. Need drove him into Rowen’s arms, but satisfaction kept him there. And what had started only as a sexual game, quickly triggered a deeper yearning that required Rowen as a permanent fixture n Mylos’s bed. They talked little, their time mostly devoted to physical exertions. All his fault, the sorcerer mused, recalling how easily Rowen’s body drove him crazy with a scorching lust that always required immediate satisfaction.
They spent passionate nights and days making love in Mylos’s quarters, stopping only to build enough energy to continue. They kissed, nibbled, tasted, licked and sucked one another until they ran dry. Rowen’s hands, tongue and mouth performed impeccable services that aroused Mylos’s senses to a spasm, requiring a more intimate joining in order to regain his control. Their bodies as one, they slid inside pliant holes, accelerating the tempo with each blissful thrust, hard cocks rubbing against burning flesh, increasing heat as their pace became frantic, riding on the edge of pleasure itself, until the world faded away, drowned by powerful jets of hot, seedy fluid.
Oddly enough, the continuous repetitions did not turn it into a mechanical act. Mylos felt the passion in Rowen’s every move, a feeling so strong it never failed to arouse him more. Almost without realizing it at first, their intimate bonding became essential to the Blood Divine’s survival and he used any excuse to be close to his lover. But again, he knew the connection was not merely sexual.
As time went by, Mylos discovered that no one understood him better than the shiny youth did. Rowen was always available to dispel bad moods, to make him relax or simply shine a smile on his otherwise bleak existence. In fact, Mylos had never realized how empty his life had been until the blondish fiend stepped into it. Serving the gods was fulfilling at times, but most of his days were bare of feelings or people. Without friends to exchange a thought or a smile, his disciples hardly made up for lack of company.

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Bloody Passion

I groaned loudly, pushing my hips up to him, my cock hitting his face before he drew it in his mouth again. With a hard suck, he pulled it almost down his throat, his tongue controlling my movements, wrapped tightly around the bursting head. The sensations felt so new in their powerful intensity that I almost spilled my guts right there and then.
“Don’t you dare,” Rory’s husky voice growled out of nowhere. He had raised his head and was turning me on a side, uncovering my ass. “I’ve wanted you for so long that I forbid you to leave me cold and hungry one more night.” With a firm gesture, he laid me next to him, his rigid shaft nudging the end of my cleft. “Being buried in your skin only made me crave you more, lover,” he confessed, his wet fingers tracing the tempting dip to find the hole, “never, Newlyn, no matter how many times I pumped his sweet ass.” Finding the narrow opening, he rimmed the edges, sometimes dipping inside to test the extent of my craving. His growl of pleasure echoed mine as my flesh gave in immediately to his pressure. “Just being around you makes it worse with each passing day,” he breathed huskily, continuing the maddening tease until he judged I was more than ready. “And I want you like I’ve never wanted anyone before.” Aiming the tip of his erection, he pushed at the entrance. “The pure, unabated, unquenched cravings to touch you, feel you, take you, have you, possess you…” Another shove and he was inside, my flesh wrapping with a satisfied sigh around his bulging head. “Because now I know you’re mine,” he growled, bending to my neck and biting it ferociously.
I threw back my head, completely lost in Red’s enchantment, whether more from his declaration or his erotic dance, I couldn’t be sure. Discovering he felt as bewildered and sensually blinded by the new passion coursing in my blood, too, threatened to make me come at every move, especially since the side position he’d chosen didn’t tax me excessively. In a wild rush of feelings and sensations, I let myself go to follow his thrusts, my ass ramming back as he shoved forward, the voluptuous thrill of being filled by him again too intoxicating for words. Grabbing my twitching cock, I followed the same rhythm pumping my ass, my hand sliding faster as he increased the tempo to a feverish beat. Frantically, I continued until the flames enveloped the tip of the shaft, forcing out my spirit along with the gallons of fluid erupting everywhere, my flesh bursting into a million pieces as I heard Rory’s cry of bliss echoing in my mind.

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Restless nights followed as Us-Yri tossed and turned in burning lust, going over every detail of the passionate meeting, wishing he had said this rather than that. Mostly, he yearned for Set’s touch, his mind imagining erotic scenarios, which intrigued his cock even more. Yet, he feared to meet Set again, afraid he would lose any form of rational control and jump on him. So, he hid in his chamber, biding an endless time as each bleak day he tried to stop thinking about his obsession, losing more sleep and appetite in the process. His counselors worried for his health and urged him to see a doctor, but he steadfastly refused.
“Your Highness,” a trusted friend insisted, “you’re unwell. It’s plain to see.“
“I’ll be fine, Kermac,” Us-Yri assured. “Don’t worry. It’s just a passing fever, nothing more. “
“Hem…” A cough at the door interrupted them.
Us-Yri turned and his heart stopped.
“I’m sorry to disturb,” Set said softly, his eyes burning with a fever of their own, “but I need to talk to you.” He fixed his gaze on Us-Yri. “And it can’t wait any longer,” he finished, his eyes flashing.
“How dare you talk to His Highness like that?” the counselor reprimanded angrily, moving forward to push Set out of the room.
“Let him be,” Us-Yri ordered, partly recovering his heartbeat.
Kermac turned around. “But Your Highness—”
“Please, leave us alone,” the ruler continued with a firm voice, “and have no one disturb me for the rest of the day.”
Though his attitude clearly disagreed with Us-Yri’s decision, Kermac had no choice but to obey. With a curt bow, the counselor traced his steps to the door.
Set stood quietly as he left, then turned to Us-Yri. “I have come to apologize.” He cleared his throat. “My behavior the other night was…despicable to say the least. I—“
“No, devil, you were right all along,” Us-Yri finally admitted more to himself than to Set. “I deceived myself for so long that I really thought it was true. I pretended you meant nothing to me, but all the time I was lying.” He shrugged. “The truth is I have…” he heaved, the words painful to utter, “wanted you since…oh always I think.”
With a feline jump, Set cornered him next to the fireplace. “Then why haven’t you done anything about it?” he asked huskily, his body so close Us-Yri felt his warm breath on his face.
With one last regretful thought, Us-Yri attacked Set’s mouth, his instincts finally taking the upper hand over his rational restraining controls. His tongue worked its way inside the warm opening, his impetus throwing Set to the wall. Crushing the lean body, Us-Yri’s hand ran down to the hardening he felt pressing against his legs.
Everything moved fast from that moment on as they battled in a silent, fierce war of domination, their tongues brandished like fiery swords that wanted to conquer enemy territory. Us-Yri pushed harder inside, overcoming for a second Set’s defense and he enjoyed the sweet victory. Now the conquered territory was his for the taking.

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